Bizarre incidents on poll day, voter thrown off into river, father son beaten up, avowed CM’s voter’s vehicle shattered

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, June 23, 2022

A series of bizarre incidents all through the day have added partial hilarity to the tragi-comedy called by-elections to the 6-Agartala and 8-Town Bardowali constituencies . In what appeared to be an instance of cruel goonery of the mafia elements owing allegiance to the ruling party a poor young voter known as Nanu Chowdhury who had come to press the EVM button in booth no-55 under 6-Agartala constituency was thrown off into the nearby Katakhal river. The NDRF teams had to be deployed to recover Nanu Chowdhury.

In yet another incident Sukhendu Saha , a young businessman had come with seventy nine yearold mother to cast ballots in the Maharani Tulsivati higher secondary school. But after casting ballots with great difficulty Sukhendu came out with his mother to see that his car had been broken and vandalized by a gang of mafia elements. Speaking to the media Sukhendu pined for the loss and said that during door-to-door campaign chief minister Dr Manik Saha had told them to come and vote and that is why they had come to vote.

In yet another incident a father and son were beaten up by BJP miscreants in Master Para area under 8-Town Bardowali constituency while heading for polling booth. The son was roughed up by the mafia elements while the aged father was boxed on the face and as a result he bled from mouth . But the father-son duo still reached the polling booth and cast their votes.

In the 6-Agartala constituency two fake voters were caught by a female journalist of a TV channel and while trying to flee the boys were caught by the on-duty BSF jawans and soundly thrashed . The guilty boys confessed that the local leaders of the ruling party had sent them to cast false votes in the MTV girls school. At the entrance of the same MTV girls school booth a younger was asked to stop when she was trying to take photos on her mobile but the girl fought like a tigress with her tormentors including a woman and proceeded into the polling booth while continuing to take photos.

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