TMCs Surma candidate attacked Wednesday night, the day before the by-elections

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, June 23, 2022

BJP-backed thugs attacked Trinomool Congress Surma candidate Arjun Namasudra with sticks, bamboo and hockey sticks on Wednesday night, the day before the by-elections, and threatened to kill his family if they went to vote or gather supporters on Election Day (Thursday).

The Trinamool Congress had lodged the complaint against BJP candidate Swapna Pal with the Election Commission of India last night. Trinamool alleges that the BJP is conspiring to obstruct free and fair elections at the Surma assembly constituency.

According to the Trinamool Congress spokesperson, Surma's BJP goons first vandalized Arjun Namasudra's car and he was able to escape for a while and save his life. Trinamool alleges that their Surma Center candidate was attacked at around 11pm at the house of another Trinamool Congress leader, Deepak Das.

Allegedly, about 150 BJP miscreants gathered outside Deepak Das's house and surrounded him. Trinamool supporters were carrying sticks, bamboo and hockey sticks and other deadly weapons. They first tried to enter Deepak Das's house but failed. The Trinamool Congress alleges that they threatened to kill their candidate.

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