IPFT divided into two factions, one led by Mevar may go with Tipra Matha, other factions may go to the BJP led by NC Debbarma

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, May 13, 2022

The BJP's ally IPFT party broke up. The IPFT split into two factions over power and internal strife. Mevar Kumar Jamatia has been removed from the post of party president. Minister NC Debbarma has been re-appointed as President in place of Mevar Kumar Jamatia. At the moment, both of them are claiming to be the president of the party.

After an organizational conference in the capital on May 12, NC Debbarma told reporters that Mevar Kumar Jamatia is no longer the party president. Mevar Kumar Jamatia has been removed. On the other hand, Mevar Kumar Jamatia told in a press conference on the night of May 12 that according to the party's constitution, he is the president. If necessary, he will go to court to save the post of president in his favour.

On the other hand, the NC Debbarma said that Mevar Kumar Jamatia has been removed from the post of president with the consent of the majority of the party. The one-day state conference of IPFT has been held at Agartala Nazarul Kalakshetra since Thursday morning. From this conference, Minister for Tribal Welfare and President of IPFT party Mevar Kumar Jamatia has been removed from the post of President.

Incidentally, on April 2/3, through the Central Committee Conference, NC Debbarma was removed from the post of IPFT party president and Mevar Kumar Jamatia took over the post of president. Extreme unrest has been going on inside the party since then. Recently, Mevar Kumar Jamatia was trying to merge the IPFT team with Tipramtha. With this, there was anger among the activist supporters of a section within the party. Three MLAs including MLA Dhirendra Debbarma and Dhananjay Tripura, including Mevar Kumar Jamatia, did not attend the party's state conference on Thursday. On the other hand, four MLAs including Prashanta Debbarma, Prem Kumar Reang and Sidhu Chandra Jamatia were present at the conference led by NC Debbarma. Mevar Kumar Jamatia was removed from the post of chairman and a 55-member committee was formed from the conference. NC Debbarma has been re-elected as the President. A new post has been created and MLA Prem Kumar Reang has been appointed as the acting president.

It is expected that in the next few days, Mevar Kumar Jamatia and his followers will join the Tipra Matha team. This could create a new equation in state politics very suddenly.

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