Yet another attack on TV channel in Udaipur, Editor and staff threatened with murder and closure of channel

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: November 21, 2020, 12:00:05 PM   

Udaipur in Gomati district is fast turning out to be a happy hunting ground for miscreants and anti-socials operating against the media to gag broadcasting of news inconvenient to the state government. After a series of incidents of assaults on media persons and attacks on cable TV channel offices, last night two notorious miscreants including Suman Roy Sarkar stormed the office of 'Duranta TV cable TV channel' iln drunken condition  with faces covered with clothes and started hurling invectives at the working staff including journalists. They threatened to close down the channel by force and also tried to intimidate the women tenants living within the office compound. The miscreants made a threat that in case any untoward thing happened they would not be responsible. 

When this unseemly incident was happening the Editor of the channel Ayub Sarkar was away but he was informed of what had happened by his colleague Mamon Mia. Ayub soon rushed to the office and identified one of the two miscreants as Suman Roy Sarkar, a notorious mafia element and resident of Chhanbon bridge area. This Suman Sarkar alias Mantu  had attacked the office of 'Duranta TV' two years ago and was also responsible for physical assult on SDM , Udaipur three months ago. Suman Roy Sarkar alias Mantu always introduces himself as childhood friend of chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb and threatens and intimidates people. 

In a FIR filed with the R.K.Pur police station the Editor of 'Duranta TV channel' Ayub Sarkar said that as a result of last night’s attack his staff members are feeling insecure. "We have also been directed to close down the channel or else we will all be killed" said Ayub Sarkar in his FIR filed with police. However, the incident of assault on office of 'Duranta TV channel' has triggered a serious reaction with an office bearer of the Gomati press club describing the police personnel in Udaipur as 'incompetent and nincompoop' . Apart from this, the minister of agriculture Pranjit Singha Roy who hails from Udaipur hhad summoned the Editor and his juniors of 'Duranta TV channel' and asked them in a 'blow hot blow cold' tone not to make the incident an issue but Ayub Sarkar countered the minister and refused to budge from their position. 

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