Three books authored by Dr Lincoln Reang, assistant professor of Tripura Central University (TCU) released

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: February 23, 2021, 08:37:33 AM   

Three Books written by Dr. Lincoln Reang, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Tripura University namely 'History of the Reang(Bru)' published by Eastern Book House, Guwahati, 'Arag: A Social Drinks prevalent among the Reang (Bru) Community' and 'KauBru: Phamungma-KauR'kieh' published by Niharika, Agartala was released on the 21st February 2021 at Agartala Press Club Conference Hall, Agartala by Prof. SatyadeoPodar, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Maharaja Bir Bikram University, Agartala and Fr. (Dr.) Paul Puduserry, Director, ASHA Holy Cross, Dumdamia

HISTORY OF THE REANG (BRU): An important aspects of this book is to trace the historical background, socio-cultural tradition, political institution and religion based on primary and secondary sources. The book throws new lights on the theme concerned and thereby fills the gaps which have not found sufficient attention by any scholars and researchers.

Arag (local rice brewed wine) is one of the most dynamic sectors in Bru (Reang) food consumption over the years. It is a symbolic element in social strata and plays an important role in bringing people and society together. 

The focus of this book is how local drinks (food) products can also market rural places. Nowadays, local drinks (food) product tend to be regarded as the result of a dynamic process in which history, place and people are intrinsically configured and reconfigured between traditions and innovation. Chapter One is the Introduction:Introducing the Reang (Bru)-A Brief Profile of the Reang (Bru) Community, Nomenclature and Language, Chapter Two is based on Social Structure- A Reang (Bru) Village, Family and Kinship, Chapter Three is on Economic Life- Production and Distribution (jhumor shifting cultivation), Chapter Four is on Cultural Life-Dress and Ornaments, Dormitory (duaingnouh), Dance and Music and Marriage while Chapter Five is onArag. The production of arag required technological advance (although primitive in nature). The key requirement for aragproduction was pottery along with bamboo and dry empty gourd.The process of rice wine making in the Reang (Bru) society starts with collecting the ingredients of certain plant.
This book is designed primarily as a source of information of arag in Reang (Bru) society. 

KAU BRU:PHAMUNGMA-KAU R’KEIH: The Socio-cultural and economic system of the Reang (Bru) has to be considered to the total cultural whole within the frame that was articulated. It is an undeniable fact that the Socio-cultural and economic pattern of the Reang (Bru) community display a kind of characteristic distinctiveness on account of which it constitute a significant part of the cultural fabric of Indian society. The Reangs (Bru) have retained the principal elements of their way of life. 
The book is primarily written in local KauBru; the language of the Reang (Bru). Riddles, naming, different names of animals, birds, trees, etc. Names of clans, musical instruments, weaving, multiplication tables, customary law words, etc. form parts of the book.

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