The UAWS organized Uchoi traditional cultural programme

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: February 23, 2021, 07:09:10 AM   

The Uchoi Atangbang Welfare Society of Tripura has conducted an inspiring Uchoi communal traditional cultural  programme here in Depachara under Karbook subdivision, Gumati Tripura. The Ataibang Welfare Society of the Uchoi community has arranged this motivating cultural programme to express their unique social cultural life features of their community. Many cultural teams from this community have performed different kinds of Uchoi traditional cultural segments in this programme. Uchoi folk dance, Uchoi folk song, Uchoi traditional ornaments along with Uchoi communal costumes were the main fascination in the programme. 

All the cultural teams from the Uchoi community have presented many programme segments one by one to disclose their cultural discriminations with other communities. As per the report of the cultural secretary of Ataingbang Welfare Society, the Agartala Durdarshan Kendra has inspired this Ataibang Welfare society to organize this Uchoi communal cultural programme here in Depachara. Reportedly a group of persons from Agartala Durdarshan Kendra have arrived in the programme venue and motivated the Uchoi cultural programme organizer authority for this Uchoi cultural programme. The Agartala Durdarshan Kendra authority has witnessed the entre programme and appreciated the inspiring initiative. Siman Uchoi, the president of the Ataibang Welfare Society said, "We are fond of our own culture and we are very prompt to promote and preserve our culture in future. We are Willing to create a good and appreciable identity of our culture in national and international level ahead". 

Kriti Uchoi, the Uchoi cultural committee secretary said, "Our Uchoi people are good Patron of our heritage, culture and costume. We have 12 clans in our community as Painktoma, Jawlai, Wauchu, Wareing, Moikly, Rai, Taumsa, Sauhkchak, Taukha, Kaishni, Taukru and Khiyang. All these clans promote and preserve our cultural heritage and pour spirit among the new generation of the Uchoi society over our cultural life."He more added that  through like this cultural programme our communal unity, dignity and cultural promotion & preservation become enriched. It also fortify the Uchoi culture and motivate the young generation of the society." The Uchoi communal culture is a unique culture in the state. The social leaders of the community are too much prompt to establish and preserve their unique Uchoi culture and emphasize over their social cultural life to make it more rich in future.



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