Retrenched 10,323 teachers seek appointment with chief minister for solution to their livelihood problem

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: January 14, 2022, 11:33:05 AM   

Retrenched 10,323 teachers seek appointment with chief minister for solution to their livelihood problem

The Joint Movement Committee (JMC), spearheading movement of retrenched 10,323 teachers , have sought appointment with the chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb for a discussion over their future and livelihood problem. These teachers have informed the chief minister of the deep crisis they are in and requested him to grant an appointment so that they can place before him their problems of life and livelihood. The letter submitted to the chief minister’s office by JMC leaders Kamal Deb , Daliya Das and Gautam Debbarma has pointed out that ever since their retrenchment with effect from April 1 2020 the teachers have been passing days in starvation and semi-starvation and many of them can not even undergo treatment for diseases due to lack of money.

The letter said that altogether 122 retrenched teachers have already died and many of them were forced to commit suicide as they did not have any means of livelihood left and any income. There is not even any government grant for the teachers despite promises made by the government to resolve their problems. They will specially point out that on October 3 2020 the chief minister himself had promised to sort out their problems within a period of two months but nothing has happened. "We will point out to the chief minister that the loss of all our jobs had not been judicially mandated but happened because of a gross misinterpretation of the of the high court order of May 7 2014 passed by Justices Dipak Kumar Gupta and Swapan Chandra Das; the law officers of the left front had misinterpreted the order and advised the then government for en masse dismissal even though the high court order, later upheld by the supreme court, had directed the retrenchment of teachers against whom cases had been filed on ground of flawed recruitment policy-that is , not more than 56/57 teachers; even individual termination notices had not been issued to them" said a senior leader of the JMC.

They regretted that even though sixteen months have passed the commitment made by the government has not been fulfilled and they are being pushed to untimely deaths. "The best solution that the government can go for is to pass a validation act in assembly and restore the services of retrenched teachers, if necessary , without monetary benefits for the interim period between retrenchment and restoration" said a senior leader of JMC . They expressed the hope that they will be able to convince the chief minister when and if the latter meets them upon appointment.