Protest against alleged malpractices in elections in different parts of the state, CPI (M) demand repoll in entire state

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: November 25, 2021, 11:10:45 AM   

Protest against alleged malpractices in elections in different parts of the state, CPI (M) demand repoll in entire state

The supreme court bench headed by Justice D.Y.Chandrachud this morning ordered the state government and its election commission to deploy adequate central forces to ensure a free and fair election while passing order on a petition filed by CPI (M) state secretary and central committee member Jiten Chowdhury but the order became infructuous as the election process had already begun . The ruling party conducted the election as it wished by clearing the polling agents  from  the polling booths of opposition parties in almost all the wards. 

Sources said that Tapan Biswas , the Trinamool candidate for ward no-8 of the AMC, was beaten  up last night and sustained injuries as a result of which he could not go out. In Ward no-10 in Indranagar area  Trinamool candidate Panna Deb was harassed by polling officials who had taken the register of voters and she could not press the EVM button in her own favour this morning. Puja Rishidas, CPI (M) candidate in ward no-26 in Pratapgarh area was threatened with dire consequences last night by BJP miscreants who asked him not to step out of home and as a result Puja had to remain confined at home. In Ward no 27 the CPI (M) candidate Sushanta Das was similarly prevented from coming out of home after being threatened and intimidated last night . Besides , the Trinamool candidate in Ward no-5 Ram Paul’s medical shop was vandalized this morning in GBP market area and three of his workers were injured by BJP miscreants though Ram Paul himself escaped unhurt . An attempt to vandalise his house was also foiled. In the Hapania school polling booths all the identified CPI (M) voters were driven away from queues to prevent them from voting and then the BJP miscreants pressed the button in the EVM machines in their names in a travesty of the election process. 

Sources in the CPI (M) and Trinamool alleged that the entire election process was reduced to a farce through organized threat and intimidation of opposition party voters who were prevented from voting while there was no polling agent in booths anywhere in the state representing the opposition parties. They were driven away and the miscreants of BJP made a mockery of the election , specially after 2-00 PM in Agartala town by continuously pressing buttons of EVM machines . In Belonia the CPI (M) party workers and supporters had blockaded the DM (south ) office protesting against the  the rigging and terror conducted by BJP miscreants under guidance of their local leaders including MLAs.

Sources in Trinamool and CPI (M) said that the BJP had mobilized its mafia elements and miscreants from one civic body to another to evade identification . In Lichubagan area of Agartala , the miscreants and criminals of Mohanpur had arrived and created obstacles in the way of voters in voting. They were asked to leave the place only to be replaced by the local miscreants.