Pre-election political upheaval awaited in the state, ground being prepared by BJP dissidents, secret talks on

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: January 13, 2022, 09:07:21 AM   

Pre-election political upheaval awaited in the state, ground being prepared by BJP dissidents, secret talks on

In a sensational development Tripura seems to headed for a massive political upheaval in the run-up to the assembly elections thirteen months away with the dissident MLA and former health minister Sudip Roy Barman announcing to a TV channel that he will not contest the next elections as BJP candidate from the 6-Agartala constituency. Even though Roybarman and his associate MLAs in the party will not leave the party they are preparing to reportedly join Congress before the next assembly polls, giving no time to the BJP to hold by-elections in their constituencies.

Sudip did not speak to media directly on the issue but sources close to him said that he and his close follower, another dissident MLA Asish Saha recently visited Delhi and had meeting with Congress high-ups including Priyanka Gandhi in Lucknow. Priyanka is stated to have extended an open invitation to Sudip and his associates to join the party and contest elections from their respective constituencies. Armed with the invitation Sudip has also opened a secret channel of talks with the 'Tipra Motha' supremo and royal scion Pradyot Kishore who has agreed to have a post-election understanding with Congress at the time of possible government formation. Pradyot made it clear that in his heart of hearts and by family tradition he still is a Congressman and the glitches that has developed over his relation with the party on the issues of CAA and NRC can be easily sorted out. He will never go for any understanding with the BJP, he is said to have made clear already.

Sources said that Pradyot is preparing the ground for making a clean sweep of the all 20 tribal reserve assembly seats and a few general seats and if Congress manage to secure, as seems likely, enough seats a coalition government will be formed with Pradyot as the chief minister. Sudip and his associates have agreed to this and work is on to achieve the end. Sources said that at the time of leaving BJP and joining Congress Sudip will be accompanied by a group of disgruntled MLAs. The Trinamool steering committee convener Subal Bhowmik and disqualified BJP MLA Asish Das are also likely to join the Congress bandwagon along with Sudip and his associates.

According to highly placed sources Sudip and his associate MLAs will wait till time when no by-election in their respective constituencies will be time-barred and then will take the plunge. All disgruntled MLAs aligned with Sudip and humiliated in the present BJP dispensation will quit the party en block. The departing group will include at least ten MLAs, if not more, sources added. Apart from this, BJP is also rent by deep resentment in its ranks as many middle-ranking leaders and a large number of workers and supporters feel let down by the party in spite of being in power and this is likely to find an adverse expression as days progress towards the assembly election.