Mystery fire bespoil five buses and part of a rubber garden in Udaipur and Kakrabon

By Our Correspondent

Agartala February 13 ,20202 : Altogether five passenger buses parked in Motor Stand at Rajarbag area under Udaipur town were burnt down by a mystery fire on Tuesday night while part of rubber garden owned by a tribal in Banduar area under Kakrabon police station of Gomati district. Police sources said that at midnight on Tuesday five passenger buses belonging to three owners of Udaipur and two owners of Killa and Kakrabon had suddenly risen in flames . Being alerted by the flame and accompanying noise people rushed to the Motor Stand but could not do anything . A number of fire brigade vans also rushed to the spot but failed to douse the fire for a long while because of burning fuels in the parked buses . Ultimately the fire was controlled after near complete damage causing a loss of more than Rs 1.5 crores.

Yesterday in the morning minister of transport Pranjit Singha Roy, MLA Biplab Ghosh , DM (Gomati) Tarun Kanti Debnath and SP (Gomati) Lucky Chauhan rushed to spot and saw the wreckages of the gutted buses. While the minister asked people in the Motor Stand and commoners settled in nearby areas to be on guard against such mischiefs , DM Tarun Kanti Debnath and SP Lucky Chauhan said that the matter would be investigated and people, found guilty , would be punished. The mystery fire in the Motor Stand has created a general alarm in Udaipur town. 

In a separate incident, part of rubber estate owned by a tribal Manoranjan Jamatya of Bandura area under Kakrabon police station was also burnt down in broad daylight yesterday . There is as yet no proof of any mischief behind the fire. But Manoranjan Jamatya has filed a complaint with the police though he is yet to assess the damage caused by the fire.

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