More strictness required controlling the rural people in remote tribal areas

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: March 25, 2020, 09:29:18 AM   

Ampi, March 25 2020: Awareness of Covid 19 yet to generate in remote tribal areas. People obeying lock down partially. Specially in tribal hamlets the threat of the covid 19 is invisible. For the lack of the unawareness the maximum tribal  people are in their normal life.  Due to lock down application by the administration the only Ampi nagar market & its adjacent areas wore a deserted look just after the 2 pm yesterday. 

During morning time people gathered in grocery and vegetable shops for buying essential commodities for their families. After 2 pm all shops except the shops of daily useful commodities like medicines, fruits, vegetables, grocery, meat & fish etc all were remained closed here at Ampi proper area. Police is dispersing gathering by applying force. But all the small markets in remote tribal areas were found the same condition just like before. 

The rural tribal people did not care for this plague nor they have any idea over this threat. The market of Tingharia, which is Jamatia community dominated did not react at all over this lock down application. In Tingharia market including Tentui Bari, Gamagure and Ekjan Cherra all shops were found opened. All tribal villagers are making gathering and buying their things in normal way. Under the supervision of the Ampi PS sub-inspectors Jiban Chandra Das & Bakul Reang a police team visited thses tribal markets and forced many of the prohibited shop keepers to shut down their shops. 

The police authority ordered all the tribal villagers whose who are making gathering in the market to leave the place immediately and as much as possible to stay at home. But it seemed that they have no any fear over this plague. Due to ignorance & unawareness the Jamatia people in Tingharia village did not take any kind of caution initiative over this covid 19. They are coming and going fearlessly and gathering in the market place with smiling face. 

The two sub-inspectors of Ampi PS walked shop to shop and explained the demon fact of this corona virus. They have provided cautious tips over the dispersal procedure of the COVID 19 and motivated the Jamatia people to stay at home avoiding any kinds of gathering in any place. More strictness needed to control the rural people in remote tribal areas.


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