Left Front demands to countermand the civic bodies elections of AMC, Dharmanagar, Khowai, Belonia and Melaghar Municipal Council

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: November 25, 2021, 03:45:21 PM   

Left Front demands to countermand the civic bodies elections of AMC, Dharmanagar, Khowai, Belonia and Melaghar Municipal Council

The polling of Agartala Municipal Council (AMC) and  other Urban Local Bodies(ULBs) today was unprecedented amount of lawlessness and fear psychosis among the common voters, says Tripura left front convener Shri Narayan Das .

At a press conference along with the CPIM state secretary Shri Jitendra Chowdhury, he said these are the outcome of the fascistic rule of BJP in Tripura since March, 2018, where rule of law has been replaced by mafia raj. Since BJP Government has assumed office in Tripura, almost all the elected bodies and constitutional institutions, have either been toppled down prematurely or the majority of the elected members were compelled to tender their resignation. And all these elected bodies/institutions were occupied by BJP through the means of rigging in the bye elections. Election of these 19 ULBs and AMC were held up for last one year without any valid reason, even after its expiry in December, 2020. The main reason behind this is the gross isolation of BJP from the masses due to their misrule and non-implementation of promises given before the last Assembly Election. Following the similar trait of elections held in last three and a half years, these ULB and AMC election has also witnessed the same scenario.

According to the left front, the new feature in this civic bodies election is that, large number of anti-social has been hired from non-voting areas to capture the booths from day before of the commencing of the polling. No opposition party has been given space to exercise their constitutional right in this election. The common voters are also not spared from exercising their voting right and the State Election Commission and the State police machinery have given up their independent entity and have worked in tandem with the ruling BJP.

According to the left front, another new feature of this election is that the Apex Court and the Tripura High Court have also taken contingence of this large-scale violence and unfairness of the election, and have passed orders certain measures which also were not complied by the government as well as by the State Election Commission. As a result, the fundamental rights of the citizens to elect their representative to their own choice has once again been robbed of and the election has been reduce to be a complete mockery at the hand of BJP. Under this circumstances, the Left Front Committee of Tripura demands as follows:
1. To countermand the elections of: a) Agartala Municipal Corporation b) Dharmanagar Municipal Council c) Khowai Municipal Council d) Belonia Municipal Council e) Melghar Municipal Council
2. Re-polling of the following Wards: a) Ward No. 4, 8, and 10 of Panisagar Nagar Panchayat b) Ward No. 2 and 5 of Subroom Nagar Panchayat c) Ward No. 5 of Sonamura Nagar Panchayat.

In continuation to the Press Handout circulated to the media-persons during the Press Conference held this evening : Left Front is reviewing its decision to  press for re-polling of Ward No. 4, 8 and 10 of Panisagar Nagar Panchayat.