Gumati district without electricity since Wednesday morning, suffering in the heatwave continued even during the Puja in Tripura

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: October 13, 2021, 08:52:14 AM   

Many parts of Gumati district including the Udaipur town has been without electricity since early morning today. The misery of the common people has been exacerbated allegedly by the lack of activism of the TSECL authority. 
Moreover, the electricity is going off from many  times  during the day and night across the state during the Puja days too. Such news is coming from many parts of the Agartala city and various others  subdivision too.
Meanwhile, Power Minister Shri Jishnu Devvarman yesterday evening visited the State Load distribution centre (SLDC) control room at Agartala  79 Tilla, and spent time there to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply during the Puja days. He also discussed with the MD TSECL and other engineers and  officers regarding Durga Puja electricity supply position. 
Deputy CM  who himself is the power Minister in his Facebook Page said that he was informed that this time the power demand during the Puja days  is the highest in the history of the state. According to the TSECL estimates,  yesterdays electricity demands during the peak time was  326 MW. Last year it was 274 MW.
According to the TSECL authority,  the electricity demand was increases due to the heatwaves and more shops, malls, restaurants that have reopened recently after Covid pandemic. 
Sources in Udaipur said,  TSECLs locale authority is taking care of all factors to ensure uninterrupted supply if power  for the Puja days.  But a fire broke out at the Udaipur Banduar unit of the power substation  late last night. At this moment, the whole of Udaipur is without electricity since then. However, the technical team, including engineers from Udaipur and Agartala, has been working on repairs since early morning today, the sources said.