GB and IGM authorities refuse to keep the donated body

By Our Correspondent

Agartala ,03 December ,2019 :  If such cases happen,it  may not be possible to build Tripura as a model state in the next thirty years or so as Tripura’s visionary new chief minister Shri Biplab Deb thinks. The Chief Minister of Tripura Shri Deb wants to make Tripura a   model state in 3 years (only 16 months remains).   

The incident is very similar - Pawan Kumar Roy, a well-known Congress leader from Ramnagar area of Agartala city, died while undergoing treatment at the IGM Hospital in the capital last night. The day he realized that he could die at the ICU of IGM, he called his nephews multiple times that afternoon and told them "I might not be able to return home on this trip. After my death you will hand over my body to GB Hospital". 

At the time of his death, he expressed his last wish to give two eyes to the IGM Hospital authorities. He had donated his posthumous eye through the Ramakrishna Mission Authority to the government way back  in 2007. Accordingly, the issue of handover the posthumous eyes and body donation of Pawan Roy was immediately taken up to the concerned doctors of IGM Hospital. But IGM Hospital authorities shirked their responsibility, saying they had nothing to do with the matter. The concerned doctor advised  the family members of Mr Roy to contact with the GB Hospital authorities about the body and Ram Krishna Mission authorities for the eye.

In the meantime, the nephews of Pawan Roy tried to speak to the Agartala authorities of the Ramakrishna Mission at night. And they went to Ramakrishna mission in Dhaleshwar. But they did not find anyone on the mission overnight, they called a phone number written in the mission's signboard, but no one picked up the call. In this situation, they returned and reported the matter to the IGM Hospital authorities. And requested the IGM authority to contact  the Ramakrishna mission authorities and requested them  to preserve Pawan Roy’s two eyes as per his last wish. But despite repeated requests to the IGM authorities, they did not take any initiative. Not only that, Ramakrishna Mission, to whom Pawan Roy had pledged posthumous eyes, also told that IGM Hospital has no contact.

Similarly, the next day Pawan Roy's family members went to the GB Hospital to preserve his body. But the authorities concerned of GB Hospital also informed that they could not keep the dead body of Pawan Roy. They said since it was  late in the abdomen and in the lungs water was frozen. Such patients dead body can not be kept at GB hospital,  because  such dead bodies will not serve the purpose  for medical college students, one  doctor present on the duty said. 

As such, the members of Pawan Roy's family was unable to hand over the donated body, due to non-cooperation of the GB and IGM authorities, despite having a letter of objection to the post-mortem and eye-witnesses. And finally they took the dead body to the Batala cremation ground and completed the last rites.

The late Pawan Roy was a well known Congress leader in Agartala city. Pawan Roy was one of the first people in the state to respond to the call of the health department of Tripura government when he officially his posthumous eyes and body in the state on February 25, 2007. 

Darpan Roy, the younger nephew of the deceased, has said only one thing in this regard; the whole matter is very painful and sad. The members of Roy's family have demanded a high level investigation into the incident so that it does not  happen in the near future with anybody who wants to voluntarily donate the posthumous body and the eye.


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