Former eminent bureaucrats and super cops who served in Tripura shocked by the 'Manikya Court' incident

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: May 3, 2021, 01:38:33 PM   

Former eminent bureaucrats who had dedicated greater of their service career to serve the people of Tripura with great distinction are deeply shocked by the depredations of DM (west) Shailesh Yadav in the 'Manikya Court' marriage house on the night of 26th April. "Is it really true ? How can this happen-that too with active participation of an IAS officer and a DM?" asked Tripura’s former longest serving chief secretary (1995-2003) and Air India's former CMD V.Thulasidas ? A dedicated and distinguished bureaucrat who had taken many initiatives to spur Tripura's development, Thulasidas expressed his shock and dismay over the state of bureaucracy in Tripura in a communication with a local acquaintance . 

Similar was the reaction of Tripura's former DGP and eminent police officer K.Saleem Ali who also sought to know what really had happened on the ill-fated night of 26th April from his junior friends here. Saleem Ali who had rendered yeoman's service to the state and its people, specially in fighting insurgency and played a stellar role in nabbing the culprits behind former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination as the chief of CBI-constituted special investigation team was amazed by the ill-treatment meted out to people in 'Manikya Court' marriage house personally by the DM (west) Shailesh Yadav. He also expressed his shock and disappointment over this incident. Yet another former DGP and eminent cop Bhusan Lal Vorah who had initiated the fight-back against the anti-national and secessionist militants from the middle of the year 2000 AD also deplored the incident of physical assault on civilians in an important ceremony like marriage and condemned it as an illegal overreaction. Vohra who had successfully converted the rag-tag police force in the state as a real fighting machine against better-armed insurgents expressed his shock over the assault not only on civilians but also on a uniformed police officer like the officer in charge of a police station by the DM.

Ali's one-time colleague in Tripura , former IG Kishore Jha was equally shocked and dismayed by what had happened in 'Manikya Court' on 26th April night. He was simply distraught when he was told that the DM (west) himself had resorted to such physical action as hitting the officer in charge of a police station , the bridegroom , bride, their elderly father and two elderly priests. 

Former chief secretary of the state Sanjay Kumar Panda who is currently in New York, USA also called up a former close acquaintance at Agartala to know the details of the bizarre incident. Dr Panda who also served Tripura with dedication in many capacities expressed his amazement that such a thing had really happened. "Has the bureaucracy in Tripura gone down to this level? I find this unbelievable" said a shocked Dr Sanjay Panda. All the eminent officers who dedicated the major part of their service career to Tripura and its people still monitor happenings in Tripura and keep in touch with people here and all of them are a shellshocked lot over the disgraceful incident on 26th April night in which a senior bureaucrat like DM was thickly involved all along.

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