'Durga Puja' festivity continues as usual despite COVID restrictions, urban areas agog with people till late night and up to early hours of next day

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: October 13, 2021, 09:36:11 AM   

The annual four-day 'Durga Puja' festivity that enlivens people across the state continues as usual-threat of COVID attack notwithstanding. It was on the day of 'Sashthi', a day ahead of the actual and ritual worship thousands of people had moved across towns and villages all over the state to partake of joyous celebration of the 'Durga Puja' on Monday but even yesterday, the day of ‘Saptami’ or the first day of formal worship through performance of rituals , saw huge crowd moving through the streets of Agartala and other towns and semi-urban centres of the state. Most of the small shops selling food , soft drinks and other mildly addictive items like cigarette, betel leaf and 'Paan Masala' remained open all through the night till 6-30 AM today.

The state government had notified a COVID protocol in view of the looming threat of a possible third wave but the restrictions notified in the protocol are being broken with impunity by festive people. Taking advantage of the time as usual, the auto-rickshaw and Tom Tom drivers as well as rickshaws are making fast bucks , raising their fare level. Being festival time ,  people do not protest much over the hiked fares.

Today on the 'Ashtami' or second day of ritual worship the worship of 'Kumari' (virgin) came off in many pandals where the worship is done according to rituals prescribed by the scriptures. The most attractive 'Kumari' (virgin) worship however took place in Ram Krishna Mission in Vivek Nagar, Gandhighat and Dhaleshwar area.  Even though power outages in many parts of the state have created problems, this has not told upon the festive spirit of people. Tonight as well as the 'Navami' night on Thursday also promise to be hugely crowded and celebratory . No law and order problem or major road accidents, daily occurrences in Tripura, has so far been reported from anywhere and the VVIPs and political leaders are also busy visiting pandals to see and enjoy the festivity.