Discordant notes in 'Tipra Motha', differences of opinion among leaders come to the fore, Pradyot absent

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: January 18, 2022, 09:38:24 AM   

Discordant notes in 'Tipra Motha', differences of opinion among leaders come to the fore, Pradyot absent

Within nine months of storming to power in the ADC the ‘Tipra Motha’ is rent by discordant notes within the organization as well as in running the administration in the tribal council. The problem is worsened by frequent absence of supreme leader Pradyot Kishore from station on personal works. Highly placed sources in 'Tipra Motha' said that the party is yet to have a structured organization and leaders and workers at the ground level have been going about party work in their own sweet way. There is widening differences at the top level also following the nomination of relatively inexperienced Purna Chandra Jamatya as chief executive member (CEM)  over the head of senior and seasoned tribal leaders. 

Apart from this, Pradyot Kishore’s personalized style of functioning is also creating problems. He is yet to take any initiative for constituting the party's local and divisional committees as well as central committee and central executive committee without which the party can not function in  streamlined manner and the distinction between senior and junior level leaders become unrecognizable, creating problems from the grassroot level to the top. "Since Pradyot Kishore's words remain the final verdict on all issues , the organization is yet to take a shape ; this may continue for the time being on the basis of emotion but , as always, emotion is a fleeting phenomenon; we need to have a strong and viable organization to survive and move ahead in state politics" said a senior leader of 'Tipra Motha' on condition of anonymity. 

Apart from this, the 'Tipra Motha' leadership is doing precious little about the long overdue election to the 587 Village Committees . The election to Village Committees was scheduled to come off last year but the state government did not organise it and the work is being done by administrative authorities which is undemocratic. "Our leadership have made gentle noises but have not put serious pressure on the state government for early elections which alone can ensure flow of funds down to grassroot level for development works" said the senior leader. He also asserted that holding sit-ins in Jantar Mantar area of Delhi may have helped draw attention but nothing really has come out of this as neither the prime minister nor the home minister gave any appointment to meet the 'Tipra Motha' and IPFT leaders. "Actually the demand for greater Tipraland itself is not practicable , we should think of reality and attend to what we can do-that is development work ; but nothing is moving ahead except routine administrative works" said the senior leader. He asserted that without any further delay the party organization should be streamlined and collective leadership put in place in stead of keeping the entire power over everything in the hands of Pradyot Kishore ; otherwise the party will degenerate into factionalism and inner divisions.