Creating a new problem , miscreants operating under religio-political banner terrorise minorities

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: August 1, 2020, 05:37:37 PM   

Artificially creating a problem where none exists seems to have become a hobby with a  section of political elements that claim patronage from the ruling party. Nothing illustrates the point better than the depredations of a number of criminals in the bordering areas of Ram Nagar over the past few days , specially last night with the purpose of subverting the E-i-D celebration of the minority Muslim community. A large contingent of police force including SP (West) Manik Das, additional SP, officer in charge of West Agartala police station and other, had been on duty there since 8-00 last night but trouble had rocked the area earlier. 

According to information available from police, a gang of miscreants led by Jhuton Das  and Pradip Das, both former activists of the CPI (M) and  operating now under front organizations of the BJP had been prowling the bordering areas of Ram Nagar to terrorise the Muslim community as well as to subvert the E-i-D celebrations  today. These miscreants wearing masks and black face clothes had first raided the residence of Billal Mia in the PC brick kiln area and forcibly let off a cattle tied in his house to preempt ritual 'Qurbani' or killing on the occasion of E-i-D and then the same group had raided the house of Dulal Mia in Raj Nagar area and released his cattle allegedly because it had been brought for 'Qurbani' or consecrated killing. The bike-borne miscreants had also beaten up Dulal Mia and his son. Similarly, in Raj Nagar Borabari area the miscreants had released the cattle of Mantu Mia and then in south Jaynagar the trouble-makers raided the house of CPI (M) local committee member Shahid Mia and physically assaulted him . Police sources said that upto 7-30 in the night altogether thirty households belonging to the minority community had been attacked by the miscreants. But they had to flee the area within moments of the Hindu residents of the areas coming out in support of their Muslim neighbours and friends . After receiving information of the attacks the police led by SP (West), ASP and officer in charge of West Agartala police station arrived on the spot and the trouble ended but there has been no arrest so far in connection with the series of incidents. 

Expressing shock and dismay over the unseemly incidents Jalil Sheikh , an elderly minority man, said that he had experienced nothing like this in Tripura earlier. "Our Tripura has always been an island of peace and communal harmony over the past so many hundreds of years but what we are witnessing now is bizarre and dangerous ; I would not identify those who committed the crimes last night as Hindus or members of political party ; they are essentially criminals and miscreants using a  political banner to further their ends" said Sheikh. He said that earlier the same set of miscreants had beaten up a group of construction workers , financially helped and fed by the government in P.C.brick kiln area in the month of May simply because they had failed to extort money from them. In yet another incident they had started digging the newly purchased house of a police constable Manik Mia  in P.C.brick kiln area on the specious plea that a temple might be hidden under it but this was actually a ruse to extort money from the hapless constable. 

In another shocking incident local miscreants Pradip Das and Jhuton Das had forcibly occupied a Muslim burial ground in south Jaynagar which had been identified and demarcated as a burial ground by the administration . After the demarcation was over , the gang of criminals led by Pradip Das and Jhuton Das erected a make-shift 'Siva' temple there and , when asked by the administration , they claimed that the 'Siva' temple had been erected on the occasion of 'Siva Ratri' and would be dismantled but it still stands in the place. ''We are planning to meet the high-ups in the administration to inform  them of what we are facing ; we will point out that in our constitution  slaughter of only 'milch cow and other draft animals' is banned , not bulls or male calves and there is no anti-cattle slaughter law in Tripura or anywhere else in northeast ;besides, most of the Muslims do not go for beef eating and on celebratory occasions the preferred meat is mutton (Khasi)'' said Jalil Sheikh. He deplored the attempts being made by miscreants to destroy the social harmony and peace in Tripura on their 'mischievous agenda's.

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