Confusion grows due to lack of official information on Corona pandemic, question arises why the Chief Minister stopped tweeting

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: July 31, 2020, 01:44:59 PM   

For the past two days, there has been confusion in the press about the release of Corona pandemic situation updates by the government. Earlier, the Chief Minister himself used to post the latest updates on the Corona pandemic on his Facebook page or on Twitter handle every day late evening. How many people have been tested in any district of the state, how many people have tested positive for corona or whether there has been any death-all this information could be known from the Chief Minister's Twitter or Facebook page. But no one can say why the Chief Minister suddenly stopped tweeting for the last two days.

In addition, the government-controlled WhatsApp groups with journalists have also not been given any updates for the past two days. A number of WhatsApp groups were run separately from the NHM, the state ICA office and the chief minister's office in the secretariat. Most of the journalists used to get daily updates from these Whatsapp groups. But no one wants to explain why these WhatsApp groups have suddenly stopped giving information.

If asked about this, most of the members of the group avoid their responsibility by saying that media people should contact the office of the Chief Minister. Again some say,  the Chief Minister's office has stopped disseminating information due to unknown reasons.

Some of them said  that the Chief Minister will say whatever he wants about the Covid-19 pandemic. So they will not say anything about it.

Moreover, the officials of various hospitals or health departments have said that there are government circulars and no officer below the rank of secretary can say anything. And what to say about Covid-19 will be officially said by the Chief Minister.

Otherwise, he is being asked to contact Minister Ratan Lal Nath. But Minister Ratan Nath also does not give press briefings every day like before. He meets the journalists on the day he has time. Moreover, he is not always able to give all the information to the journalists. If you want to know anything beyond his words, he says I have no information, and further he said 'let  me  search or ask the concerned government departments'.

After two days he could not be found. Therefore, there is a demand in the press that the government should release two written bulletins at least twice a day through the Information Department or the Chief Minister's Office or the Department of Health can create this bulletin and give it through various WhatsApp groups or social media or emails. Otherwise, in the near future, the confusion with various information about the Corona pandemic will increase and will not decrease.

When asked Debasish Majumder, secretary of the Tripura Journalists' Association, said various rumors were being spread on social media everyday regarding corona related various issues. Someone is doing it intentionally, someone is spreading these rumors without knowing or lacking real information. Therefore, at this moment, it is very necessary for the state government to make the actual information available to the public, he said. Debasish  thinks that otherwise confusion will increase in the minds of the people. 

And his further opinion, if the state government wishes, it can also update the actual information 24x7 on their respective web portals. Or ICA department can send it to various websites and online news portals approved by the ICA department for quick updates. Because, now the way the minister is giving a press briefing after one or two days and the chief minister has stopped updating properly due to his busyness on social media. If this continues, not only will misinformation go viral on social media, but it could also lead to big rumors at any time, he said.



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