Central Govt. Guidelines on Covid-19 Care Centre are not being followed in many Places in Tripura

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: August 1, 2020, 11:09:30 AM   

The central government has issued  a guideline on what benefits patients admitted to a covid care center will get. According to the guidelines of the central government, many states of the country are providing various facilities for Covid 19 patients. Accordingly, neighbouring Assam government is also giving various facilities to the corona patients admitted in  various Covid-19 care centre  across Assam. The question has arisen as to why the measures taken by Assam are not being taken in Tripura as well.

According to the expert doctors in Tripura, if the guidelines issued by the central government are implemented in the state, the patients undergoing treatment at the Corona Care Center would be able to recover very quickly and would be able to stay mentally healthy while undergoing treatment.

According to the information and news received, the policy guidelines for the Covid Care Center are the first to say that as soon as a Corona-infected Covid patients come to the corona care center, he or she must first receive a welcome kit. This should include a bucket, mug, towel, brush, pen, toothpaste, paper or notebook. Definitely new
Patients need to be given a new pillow cover. Authorities have to provide new bed sheets too. A radio is being provided in Assam so that every patient can listen to the news at night. Every ward should have electronic reactor, kettle. This is important so that patients can drink tea or drink hot water.

Moreover, every ward must have WiFi connectivity. In addition to recreational activities, each patient should be given newspapers and magazines according to his needs or preferences. If food is sent from a patient's home, it should be immediately placed next to the patient's bed. This is the guideline of the central government. 

It also clearly states that each patient must be given the food of their choice at least once a day. Doctors or those in charge of Covid Care Center have clearly said that adequate oxygen cylinders should be kept in each ward and medicines should be kept. If there is less government supply, it should be bought from the local market. Each patient should be given the mobile number of the medical officer in charge, the doctor so that they can contact in case of emergency.

It has been reported that although the policy belongs to the central government, many non BJP governments have also implemented it in many states besides Assam. This policy must be followed and implemented by every state government.

But the question in the medical community in Tripura, is whether this policy is  being followed in this state? Complaints and suspicions, the state government is not implementing it to a large extent. A section of Tripura doctors complained that no guidelines were being followed on many issues. This statement was made by some of the doctors who were also undergoing treatment at the Covid Care Center. This allegation may  be true, because if it is incorrect, the news of the daily discontent in the Covid Care Centers would  not have been highlighted in the media. Or would not have been shown on the local cable channels.

Reportedly, the National Health Mission is largely responsible for treating or providing facilities to covid patients. The state government will provide logistics as well as overall supervision. But questions are being raised about what the government is overseeing. But this is exactly what is happening. Locally, there are a number of self-proclaimed Food suppliers, who roam the area around the Covid Care Center, trying to get Supply of food and other necessities to the Covid-19 care centre  across the state. Since these are not being quoted in a straightforward manner, there are allegations that substandard food is being supplied in many places. And the  information flows also says so. Therefore, there is a demand to take immediate action after examining the facilities of the Covid Care Centers.


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