Bangladesh couple in Open Street for shelter, Corona threat bars return home due to closure of ICP

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: March 25, 2020, 08:08:44 AM   

Agartala March 25, 2020:  Worldly reaction to death and disease has most of the time been marked by cynicism bordering on inhumanity. History of plague epidemics in medieval Europe , Spanish Flu pandemic at the end of the first world war in 1918 are witnesses to this in history. Sensitive literature and poetry have also captured the rude realities of human predicament in a poignant way as reflected in Luigi Pirendolla's famous short story 'The Fly' on plague in Italy , Albert Camus' celebrated nobel-winning novel 'The Plague', a finctionalised symbolism of the cannibalism in second world war and Franz Kafka's celebrated and timeless long story 'Metamorphosis' which perhaps most intensely captures the human reaction to death and disease.

This long-winded preface seems to the warranted by the predicament of a Bangladeshi couple yesterday on the banks of 'Bikram Sagar' lake in the heart of Agartala town. The couple Yakub Ali (52) and his consort Shirina Begum (49) had reached Chennai via Agartala on March 5 for medical treatment. Having done with the treatment the couple landed back at Agartala yesterday to find that all hotels and guest houses were closed to them in the lockdown-bound town. Worse , the international check post (ICP) at Akhaura on the western outskirts of Agartala  had ceased to operate because of the rampaging Corona Virus.

Left with no other alternative the couple took shelter out in the open on the western bank of 'Bikram Sagar' lake in front of the CPI (M) party headquarter. Soon their pitiable plight and the trouble they were in caught the attention of many people and finally a group of good Samaritan journalists contacted the 'Haz Bhawan' in Melarmath area and requested them to rescue the hapless couple. The 'Haz' Bhawan authority duly obliged and the couple is now in good shelter but the government is as yet undecided . In normal course the couple is to be put through normal quarantine in hospital but since they are from Bangladesh the assistant high commissioner's office was contacted . But the diplomatic office failed to give a proper response and the matter is now a headache for the state government.


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