Bakri Id or Eidul Adha with a difference in 'Khawaja Manjil'

By Our Correspondent

Agartala August 12 ,2019 : The tradition of celebrating Eid-ul-Adha or 'Bakri Eid' had actually originated from divine command to early Jewish prophet Abraham, Arabianised into 'Ibrahim' , to sacrifice his son Ishamel as a proof of piety and devotion to the Almighty. Abraham/Ibrahim had readily agreed but at the last moment he had found his son Ishmael replaced at the altar by a sheep. Divine blessings showered on Abraham/Ibrahim. That is historically attested to have happened in remote antiquity-in the 15th century BC , to be precise.
But the tradition lives on and on 'Bakri Eid' or 'Eidul Azha' day in every calendar year of the 'Hizri' era Muslims across the world commemorate the day of piety by sacrificing an animal. But there are individuals who interpret religious injunctions in a creative and positive way and look upon service to men or other living beings as service to God or the prophet. This is best illustrated by a retired teacher Quddus Mia . Having spent a whole life in imparting lessons to students pious Quddus Mia, a universally respected man in West Noabadi area under Khayerpur east Agartala, puts more accent on service than traditional rituals. His residential premise 'Khwaja Manjil' and the aged man's piety inspire people with higher ideals. 

As part of the celebration of 'Eid-ul-Adha' or 'Bakri Eid' ex-teacher Quddus Mia has made a donation to the chief minister's relief fund meant for relief to the poor people . He had decided to celebrate the 'Eidul Azha' in his own creative way by helping the poor from his pension income in stead of spending it on opulent festivities and orgies of eating. Quddus Mis is also donating money among children of two orphanages as earlier . His ideal is service to men is service to God and the best act of piety. The teacher's son Tipu Sultan, a young journalist , handed over the cheque to chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb who conveyed his thanks and regard to veteran Quddus Mia , saying other people might be inspired to follow the example set by him.

At a time when clubs across the state are preparing to organise costly and noisy 'Durga Puja with competitive extravagance the example set by former teacher Quddus Mia demands emulation. The universal truth he has focused on through his positive and welfare oriented action should induce a rethinking on the part of clubs and outfits preparing to organise 'Durga Puja' extravaganza mostly through extortion . 

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