BJP in Dharmanagar in fight with the district judge of north Tripura, deputy speaker Biswabandhu Sen leads demonstration

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, Updated: June 10, 2021, 11:53:08 AM   

Having nearly exhausted themselves in attacking members of media, advocates, officers and employees and doctors the BJP in Tripura now seem to be targeting even the sacrosanct judiciary. A startling evidence of this was on ugly display in Dharmanagar town, headquarter of the north district yesterday, as a group of hired and paid labourers and a few BJP supporters led by the Dharmanagar MLA and deputy speaker of the assembly Biswabandhu Sen staged a demonstration in front of the official quarter of the north district judge Gautam Sarkar. This bizarre demonstration was organized reportedly to protest the alleged 'anti-development attitude' of the district judge in front of his quarter on the bank of the 'Kali Dighi' (lake) in the heart of the town. 

According to details available from the people living in 'Kali Dighi' area, the power department in Dharmanagar had fitted dangerously ‘high-tension’ wire across the overhead part of district judge Gautam Sarkar's quarter without obtaining any permission from him. Sarkar had brought the matter to the notice of the high court and at high court's directive the district magistrate Nagesh Kumar B. instructed the power department to suspend the work. This was the immediate provocation for the demonstrators carrying  BJP flag  as well as the deputy speaker Biswabandhu Sen. 

Incensed by this , the local administration, acting at the behest of BJP, had launched a programme of drying up the water of 'Kali Dighi' (lake) to strengthen its banks on all four sides with pucca construction but the motor pumps for drying up the water were placed all around the lake and a particularly noisy one close to the quarter of the district judge , disturbing his sleep and rest and the study of his daughter as the motor-driven pump machine runs all twenty four hours. The district judge Gautam Sarkar had spoken to the authority running the pump machines to stop running the machines after 10-00 in the night but this has not yet been heeded . Besides, a number of mango and other fruit bearing trees in the official residence of district judge Gautam Sarkar had been cut down by the power department people to set their lines without any permission from the district judge and by illegally trespassing into his residence . Even though Sarkar pointed out to people that without his permission and that of the forest department the trees could not be cut down the trouble-makers backed by political authority kept quiet and left but the damage had been done. 

Sources among people in 'Kali Dighi' area of Dharmanagar said on condition of anonymity that the targeting of the district judge is actually a personal vendetta as 'he is a very strict man and nothing under his control can be manipulated'. Some time back the district court had appointed 24 employees and there was lot of efforts on the part of local political authority to smuggle in their preferred names in the list of appointees and even a list had been sent but the district judge simply refused to buckle under pressure and gave the jobs purely on merit. This has antagonized the local political authority who are out to have Gautam Sarkar transferred from Dharmanagar, specially in view of the fact that more appointments will be made to district judiciary in the near future. "The situation has reached a stage when the honourable high court must intervene in the matter to stop the mischievous attempts being made to manipulate and harass the judiciary ; only high court can uphold the majesty of the judiciary in public interest from mischievous attempts at manipulation by the political authority" said concerned citizens from Dharmanagar .

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