Why a section of Bureaucrats in Tripura is being so much intolerant, adamant?

Jayanta Debnath

May 4, 2021, 09:36:40   

The recent incident related to Marriage ceremony invasion by ex-DM (Tripura- West) shows how perhaps the Bureaucrats treat the people of Tripura! Notwith-standing the fact that DM's objective was all good the way he wanted to achieve it showed blatant disregard for the self respect of the people of the State and local socio-cultural sentiments in general. 

However, this article of mine is not to restart the discussion on DM's action at two Marriage Houses on April 26 2021. Now the unfortunate issue is in the Tripura high court for trial. And perhaps the high court of Tripura is on the way to take serious action against the DM's rude behavior case at the two Marriage Houses at Agartala city.  The division bench of the Tripura high court led by Justice Akil Kureshi on May 3 already has ordered to  transfer district magistrate of west Tripura Shri Sailesh Kumar Yadav  from Agartala and  adjourned secretary-level probe and also directed state government through advocate general  to provide details of action taken against accused DM west Tripura district before May 5, 2021. As the chapter seems to have been reopened by the high court and   the DM tendering his resignation after almost a week, significantly on a day when BJP lost West Bengal election, so state government's intentions is also very clear. Perhaps DM was advised from his close quarters to resign thinking of the adverse ripple effects that might come about against the State Government because of the loss of face in Bengal by the same party. 

But, this article is more about how the people of Tripura have been disgraced by some of the Bureaucrats (many say Bureaucrat Syndicate in Tripura) since the BJP-IPFT has been in the power.  This is not to paint all of them with the same brush. There are of course quite a few self less and dedicated officers. Since the new government came to the power, some Bureaucrats have been continuously trying to promote their own peoples who are mostly from the outside of the state of Tripura. This section of  bureaucrats  deprived the talented  local people's and entrepreneurs  by branding them indirectly or directly inefficient by the manner in which they have floated several e-tenders, RFPs  particularly related to constructions,  goods supplies,  services and  knowledge industry related activities. Time and again total disregard for the need to understand local socio-cultural, ethic, linguistic sensitivities and involvement of local stakeholders in such trade, supplies, services and knowledge industry related jobs has been shown.

Most of the local media recently published a news item about how a Request for Proposal (RFP)) related to Skill Gap Study to be conducted by the Skill department of the State smacked of ill intension and deprivation of the local educated people. The original RFP which was for the first time advertised in October 2020 had in the eligibility criteria provision for a local office and local professionals from Tripura in the research team. Then followed two rounds of extension and then in Jan 2021, a new version of the RFP was advertise with all bizarre changes- no mention of local office, no mention of need for local professionals in research team and height of stupidity was that the legal jurisdiction was written as Chandigarh!

There was a lot of resentment among the local stakeholders and the Department had to cancel the process. 
Bizarre and blatant manner to hurt the self-respect of the people of Tripura (akin to the DM incident) continues again with the 3rd revised RFP document advertised on 19th April, 2021 after the anomalies reported by local media. The thoughtless (much akin to recent DM incident), unspeakable degree of ego and thick skinned self serving attitude of the person heading the Skill Department can be clearly noticed from the recently advertised revised RFP. Due care was taken to rectify the element related to legal jurisdiction which was Chandigarh in the previous RFP advertised in January was changed to Agartala this time. Why? Because that could have gone against the self interest of the concerned authority and might have been taken suo moto cognizance by the High Court of Tripura. 

But alas, the people of Tripura according to these officers are stupids, they deserve to be ignored. Else why on Earth were the couple of eligibility criteria mentioned in the first RFP brought out in October last year and later totally removed in the revised RFP advertised in January could not be restored? Why just that legal jurisdiction related aspect was so conveniently corrected in the latest one advertised on 19th April? Only the concerned officers can answer.

As for us, the people of Tripura seems like continues to be 'stupid', 'incompetent' and 'useless' for such studies that at least the point about requirement of keeping local professionals in the research team even for the sake of decency was not restored.

Here I would like to put some questions before our chief secretary. No qualms Sir, you all will continue to be our masters.

Just one two questions Sir: If your kind self feels that there cannot be even 2 or 3 people in the entire educated workforce currently available in Tripura who can be found to be suitable to be included in the research team (since this requirement was removed from the original RFP), then Sir why the need of so many schools/colleges/a central University in the State?

Also Sir, with your kind permission for small people like us, may we ask what about the slogan for "Vocal for Local"? Where has it gone under the efficient leadership of different department heads like you all able and Honest bureaucrats? We know that it is the much cherished intention of our PM and also no doubt equally for the hardworking CM of our State too. Then whom are we trying to please Sir?

From these two or three incidents above, it is not difficult for us to understand how much the some of the new generation of bureaucrats are giving importance to our talented youths and of the people of Tripura in general.


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