We Are Missing the Opportunity to Look for Alternative Ways of Establishing Our Selves

Bishal Debnath

Tripura has a nonpareil beauty and being surrounded by hills and greens makes her even more exotic. Along with that Tripura is rich in natural resources and has a decent climate that makes her very much suitable for both residence and businesses. But the cloud of unemployment has not left our Tripura behind. There are numbers of talented and eager youth that have the necessary qualities to do an appropriate job but do not have the outlet to show their skills. While running after Govt. jobs, we are missing the opportunity to look for alternative ways of establishing oneself. And those who can look beyond this instinct go to other states to earn their livelihood. There are numbers of people who are doing business or working at a private company outside the state. And many of them choose BPO as a stepping stone towards their growth. Now what is a BPO? BPO- Business Process Outsourcing is an organization that plays a part of the business process of a third party business organization and handles particular operations for the same company. The company or the client signs Service Level Agreement with a BPO in order to minimize the expenses and to maximize the efficiency of the process. E.g. Wipro has numerous clients in various domains like Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing and Banking. Retail clients include giants like Walmart, Best buy etc. Telecom clients include Vodafone, T-Mobile etc. Others clients include HP, Nokia, Philips etc. 

In the cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune, BPO is a sector which has become a symbol of growth. In fact Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad are what they are today mostly because of the rapid growth of BPO sectors in that place. Instead of pursuing only for Govt. jobs in bunch, there people have the option to join a BPO. Youth of that place are opting for this job as there are huge chances of growth in that field. Not only the youth of that place, but the young and skilled people of Tripura are compelled to go outside the state and work there as here in Tripura there is not much scope of getting this kind of jobs. But there is a huge possibility of establishing BPOs in the capital of Tripura. The youth are skilled and energetic but they do not have the opportunity to utilize their expertise. In a way we are losing the potential people who could contribute to the progress of the state. 

Tripura has become the attraction of various business organizations after the change in political throne. People of Tripura are hoping for the incoming of those companies. And those companies need to outsource their process with BPOs for their efficiency of work. In this scenario our state is a tremendous potential. On the other way, having a world class BPO in Tripura can attract clients from other states and even the international projects too. And as I have mentioned before, growth of BPO leads to the development of that place. In a direct or indirect manner, establishment of BPO sectors in Tripura will benefit us on a large scale. 

It is worth mentioning that currently is a lone company that runs a BPO in Tripura and it also handles a KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) here. This step by has provided jobs to many skilled people and also has reduced the daily problems of the residents through its various social sector yeoman's services like Ambulance service, students helpline, tourist helpline services with important telephone numbers etc. to the people with various socially motivated initiatives many of which are offered entirely free of cost. 

One such free service is a help line service which provides information to common people about: 

1. ospitals or ambulance numbers 

2. phone numbers of important doctors 

3. contact details of various officials, senior officials of the state government 

4. contact details of various other important organizations and service professionals

Tripurainfo is an apt example of how having a BPO in Agartala will benefit people from all the areas. It is easy to imagine that if this process is done on a larger scale, a lion portion of the unemployment problem can be resolved within a short span of time. Agartala is India's third international internet gateway, equipped with modern infrastructures and technologies that contribute to the possibility of having a larger BPO sector here. But it is very hard for a small scale of willing people to take such actions. We, as the residents of Tripura, should have the attitude to accept and invite this kind of opportunities and work together to make this happen. The Govt. too has a responsibility to look after this matter for the betterment of the people, the state. At one shot of establishing a larger number of BPO here, some major issues like unemployment can be solved and an overall growth of Tripura is highly possible. ( The Author is an unemployed job seeker from Agartala)

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