Unemployment Extremes in NE. Tripura has the highest unemployment rate. No Jobs for upcoming Generation.

Rahul Sengupta

Unemployment in India is a social issue and unemployment records in India are kept by the Ministry of labor and Employment of India.

Tripura has the highest unemployment rate. (Higher rank represents higher unemployment among the population) while Gujarat has the least unemployment rate among the Indian states.

Unemployment's extremes in all over India, Modi government failed to provide employment. Over 31 million people are still unemployed.

Out of Seven States in Northeastern five (5) states are on top in the table below. Tripura is on top rank in unemployment following the Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.


Unemployment Rates 2015-16 (per 1000)

Rank      State     Total      Urban   Rural

1              Tripura              197         172         203

2              Sikkim               181         168         184

3              Kerala               125         126         125

4              Himachal P.        106         23           117

5              Assam   96         58           150

6              Arunachal P.        89           52           93

7              Nagaland            85           141         69

8              Jharkhand           77           94           73

9              Uttar Pradesh      74           67           76

10           J&K                     72           36           83

Unemployment Rate in India increased to 3.52 percent in 2017 from 3.51 percent in 2016. Unemployment Rate in India averaged 4.05 percent from 1983 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 8.30 percent in 1983 and a record low of 3.41 percent in 2014.

High literacy Low employment

Literacy rate variations between states. India's literacy rate is at 74.04%. Tripura has achieved a highest literacy rate of 94.65%. Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82%. Biggest population in Northeast facing the issue of unemployment, however the literacy rate of Northeastern states Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland is higher than other metro cities.

Why No Industries and MNC moved to NE.?

Less Privatization, companies and industries are not move to the Northeast part of India. Social and political moment are the responsible for unemployment in these states.

The agricultural, commercial fishing and forest products industries are key economic engines in the Northeastern states. TeaGarden, Rubber and Bamboo are the only biggest sources of income in Assam and Tripura.

Why not MNC and other reputed companies, industries are move to NE there is very low rates of employment in Assam, Tripura along with Manipur and other Northeastern states. There are less number of (MNC) Multinational companies in hills states of Northeast. Governments of NE may not to be approach the private sector for some Political and social crisis thus the results emerge unemployment in the city and village areas.

No BPO's (Business process Outsourcing) and telecom companies are reach the northeast parts of these states like Bangalore, Delhi/NCR. Peoples of Northeast states mostly depends on agriculture horticulture and handcarts products.

Employability up 12% in 5 years; hiring intent up 10%, finds India Skills Report.

With spurt in the number of management, there has been a dip in employability of MBAs. The employability of educated Indians has gone up to 45 per cent from 33 per cent over the last five years, thanks to a significant role played by professional courses in engineering, pharmacology and computer applications among, according to an industry report. With higher qualification the younger of these Northeast states peoples are move to another cities and country to seeking jobs to left theirfamilies year to years.

According to India Skills Report launched in the 3rd CII National Conference on Skill Development, 96 percent were found unemployable out of 100,000 candidates.

As per the National Skill Development Mission Document, as much as 97 percent of the workforce in India has not undergone formal skill training. About 76 percent of the households did not benefit from employment generating schemes like MGNREGA, PMEGP, SGSY, SJSRY, etc.

NE mainly depends on Government and Public recruitment, private sector has no high paying jobs

Quoting the report, CM of Assam said the unemployment rate in Assam is "ninth lowest among 28 states" surveyed by the ministry of labor and employment for year 2009-10.

Assam government were announced many exams last year however still there is no actual exam date announced after the completion of the registration.

Getting a job in Government and public sector are the only option for the people of Assam, Tripura and others native states. Which rates is very low and depends on competitive exams held by the states according to their policies. More than a year very less competitive exams held in Tripura, exams dates are changed many times. Delay of exams is the biggest reason for unemployment and failure of administration.

Government had announced many scheme under MNREGA, PMEGP, SGSY, SJSRY, etc. and skills India development schemes to improve the skills and knowledge of people's lives all over India. However getting the benefits of all these schemes not very helpful to reduce the unemployment.

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