Unacceptable behaviour from the Desk of Minister Communication!!!

B. Bhattacharya

July 16, 2021, 09:19:31   

I am a septuagenarian Retired Civil Servant. 
My only pastime is surfing the net, reading online books and talk to my friends in social media. I also talk to my friends in India, they also return my calls.

I was having the problem of mobile data, the General Manager, BSNL Tripura has been kind enough to detail his best available officer to sort out the issue. The officers as brilliant as they are, easily sorted out this problem. They went to the extent of coming to my residence to offer me help. I am grateful to them 
But regarding the voice distortion issue in my cell no,the officers were feeling helpless.There are some technical glitches like that Point of Intersection, etc. which is beyond their control and requires intervention from the higher level.

 I was not being able to communicate properly with my doctors and friends for the last couple of months. They were always telling "Can you tell it again, could you be a bit louder?" I was feeling helpless. I am miserably ill, and I have always to talk to doctors at Delhi and Hyderabad. 

In my desperation I called the O/o Minister, Communication (+91 11 23739191) at about 14:44 hoursyesterday on 14/7/2021. The desk officer whoever was sitting, very rudely,in his gruffy voice asked me to talk in Hindi. I told him politely that I cannot speak Hindi that fluently and easily. He curtly told something like that if I am to tell anything I shall have to tell in Hindi and saying so, disconnected the call without giving me any chance to talk.  He was very rude and impolite. 

I gave the Minister a mail detailing everything yesterday on 14/07/2021for redress.
Is the Minister of Communication, GoI is for North Indian People only and not for the Indians of South India or the NE States? Are we all to learn Hindi to talk to his office for redress of our grievance? 

Are they not trying to enforce Hindi to us? I remember the days of 1964-65 when the GoI was trying to force up on usHindi on. Their unholy attempts were strongly resisted.  The Government had to bow down to the will of people! Are the unholy days returning?  In the then days in 1964-65, the Government of India respected the wills of the people and it retreated gracefully. But is the Government of India in its present form in 2021 respect the wishes of people?

I will be distortion and aberration of Truth if I do not tell that the General Manager,BSNL, Tripura gave me a mail today on 15/07/2021 with CC to O/o Minister of Communication and others claiming that the issue has been resolved.

But I don't think he has resolved the language issue. The issue,however, is not in his domain!It hardly concerns him!!!
I take his reply as interim only.


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