Tripura techies invented COVID protective aid "CoCoBoT" / Now a robot 'CoCoboT' for COVID in Tripura

M.K Sinha

June 10, 2020, 15:04:44   

Innovation is a part of life through ages. Absurd occurrences have forced people to opt for innovative machines to make life easier. The globe is tremendously fighting to stem the spread of most contagious Corona virus. India also trying hard to confine the dragon. But in reality, the virus has started showing its 'Tandav Nritya' across the country. In the forthcoming months, the threat of virus may hit the 'will power' of people. Traumatized people are eagerly waiting for a new dawn free from any sorts of COVID related anxieties.  The frontline warriors, especially heath workers are tirelessly rendering their best services compromising their valuable personal life. Ignoring the scars and suffocation caused by the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), health workers are rendering their best services. They hardly think about their life and family members. But, it is harsh reality, sometimes the health workers become the soft target of COVID patients and miscreants.

In this crucial situation, health workers are the only hope to keep the species healthy. Their lives and services are the most valuable things. So, inspired by this, two robotic engineers hail from Tripura developed an innovative robotic Aid 'CoCobot (Covid Combat Bot). The Aid will keep the health workers fit and safe from being infected while treating the COVID positive patients. The use of Aid surely will make battle easier and if used in large scale, the machine will save the many valuable lives of medical officers and nurses, employed at COVID hospital. The 'CoCobot' features: to supply food and medicines to patients inside Corona wards, to Inspecti patient'ss health condition through a local Audio- video platform, on board display to play with motivational video saying 'Hey, beautiful human, a wonderful world is waiting for you. Get well soon'.

Doctor can control the 'Bot' using ones Android mobile. Using the same device, doctor can monitor the health condition of patients and give him necessary medical advices. Further, on clicking the 'Sanitizer Button' on App, the robot will spray sanitizer around the bot.

Abhisek Dhar, son of Alok Dhar , Agri. Officer  of Chandipur , Kailashahar , one of the designer  a KIIT, Bhuveneswar  product  said, in an effort to make the battle easier , he along with his cousin Debasish Dhar, S/o-Subal Sakha Dhar  of Sakaibari Road, Dharmanagar ,  have jointly  formulated the product to provide a free space for COVID treating  health workers. He said, in this present juncture, the instrument will act as lifesaving aid for doctors. Health workers can render best services without any fear and negative thinking of being infected.

Discussing on the future prospects of the product, he said, it is very tough for any innovation to penetrate in the market. People lack confidence and its capability is often questioned. However, in this present situation, their main aim is to make the instrument as most usable products at COVID hospital.

Further, he said, if they get a state government call, they will surely demonstrate it and will highlight the benefit of 'CoCobot'. Focusing the future prospects, the duo said, if it is implemented by government agencies, they will add some features to make it a unique one.  Along with Sanitizer spraying, obstacle avoiding system, two way communication between patients and doctor will be featured. Besides, three compartments for carrying food to patients will be provided.

No doubt, the innovation is a big achievement for Tripurites. The Tiny hilly state proved it again that under its womb, genius youths are dreaming to lead the nation. Thank Boys. Go ahead. One day, fame will kiss you.


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