Dr Amitava Roy

April 13, 2020, 12:43:27   

In Tripura we were "00". I do not remember, the last occasion, I enjoyed scoring so low. However, when I begun writing the article we were zero-zero. ( now we’ve two positive cases)

When the national figures are on rise, I shall not cherish about the state's status! Few days back, we stand more determined and more motivated by the call of Honorable PM "each one - light one". The science of numerology and mythology are our tradition. I personally take Mr Modi's call as a simple way to show solidarity and sincerity in our WISH, WILL and DETERMINATION.

We can show finger to the lack of preparedness to battle down the mighty invisible enemy. Discussing the lacunae, and shortcomings of national policy-makers and local authorities will only make us more vulnerable against the pandemic.

The following lines may be more appropriate to explain the current scenario (how every Indian should feel and react)

"Wishes are like wind
You have to blow to make it flow
Will is like a river
Courses itself ever and forever
Determinations are like mountains
Held head high to touch the sky"

If you are tired of washing and sanitizing hands several times a day, bathing a couple of times, please show fortitude. If you have not partied for last few weeks and devoid outings for near a month, please bear a little more. Homo sapiens, the modern human evolved from their predecessors just 2 to 3 millions years back. We took big leap in the cycle of evolution, from apes to humans. If staying home for 2-3 weeks further, ensure our reign of few millions more, then what is the harm?

"Turn your worry into worship and watch God turn your battles into blessings"

We doctors are not in a mood to take credit for unleashing ourselves for the service of mankind, it is our fight for the battle of existence. So if you want to applaud our services we are happy, but it is inherited since our rebirth as a doctor.

We are at the risk of high infectivity (dense population), high mortality (health infrastructure), so, highest level of precaution is the need of hour. May the virus subtype, climate etc. may favour us.

Presently there is no vaccine, even not expecting soon. Anthony Fauci, a longtime director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (N.I.A.I.D), spoke up. "A vaccine that you make and start testing in a year is not a vaccine that's deployable," he said. The earliest it would be deployable, Fauci added, is "in a year to a year and a half, no matter how fast you go." Even if at the cost of millions of dollars you develop one but, it may be useless when virus mutates repeatedly, like influenza which mandates new vaccines every year. Till we have approved vaccine for Corona, hardly there's anything better than to play hide-and-seek only...

CHINA has done it, Vietnam is almost there, so is S.Korea soon doing. We need to look east. West has failed miserably in this scenario. The issue of who imports the infection and who exported is insignificant. It's the era of globalization. Science with dogma and science without commonsense are as bad as "NO SCIENCE."

It took three months even for the most intelligent race! To understand that use of mask can protect from this relatively large sized virus. Which mask? How much protective? Are needless to explain. As of now the best vaccine is SOCIAL DISTANCING, you may take it as active immunization with LOCKDOWN, a passive one. And of course graded lifting (while maintaining precautions of physical distancing, wearing mask etc for a long period) is the only way forward. If there is a life, then there is a world. But, world also needs to move to sustain.

Once vaccine comes, yearly vaccination may take over the role to let us be little more relaxed, hopefully. Simple pause is not stop or fall back. It may be a big leap forward. Basic human values and interplay with nature is redefined by corona. We have to learn the lesson quickly and quietly.




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