Sheer opportunism

Biswanath Bhattacharya

January 28, 2023, 13:13:25   

Sheer opportunism

Ideology always takes a back seat when it comes to winning of election. Or else how  a veteran of CPI(M) -born and bred in a regimented party  like CPI(M)- can switch his allegiance  to another party whose ideology is diametrically opposite to CPI(M)  like BJP?

Having said so, how can  BJP embrace a regimented soldier of a party whose ideology is 180 degrees different from the BJP?

This erstwhile soldier of the CPI(M)) used to shatter the sky with the slogan ‘ Workers of the world unite’ . and dreamt of a utopian idea of a classless society. Now he will cry hoarsely in favour of capitalism.

And for that matter how come CPI(M) shake with Congress and forge an alliance? The Left has also debated the possibility of a so-called ‘third front’ – who should be its partners, who should lead it and whether it will be just an electoral or an all-weather front. The timing of the front’s launching has also been a bone of contention. Of late, this debate has greatly discomfited the CPI(M). So much so that the party has begun to interpret every national phenomenon within the binary of “going it alone” or “aligning with the Congress.”
Fawning display of opportunism !!! 

And for that matter, No ideology has a monopoly over virtue,
Virtues are born of mind, not ideology.

Yet all ideologies try to codify virtue, By doing so they only vilify all virtuosity.