SOP violations may become fetal, need more alertness

Jayanta Debnath

March 31, 2020, 16:03:38   

How long Tripura can remain safe of coronavirus? Fear spikes after new data revealed that the testing of suspected cases is very poor in numbers. As per the latest report, total 96 samples have been tested till March 30, 2020 and all reports have been found to be Negative. Altogether 976 persons have completed the observation period so far.

The report also says that 36 foreign travellers quarantined in Government centers and another 294 are under Home quarantine are yet to be tested. The testing reports are coming very less in number compared to the numbers of people is under surveillances in-home and various hospitals in Tripura.

As of now, Tripura is in such a situation nobody can say Tripura is safe from COVID 19 virus as the number of tested cases is very poor. And in the  same time the way some people are violating the standard operational procedure (SOP) in the  name of fight against COVID 19 starting Day- 1 from Airport Screening to present at various market places, and in the name of distribution of  foods and more even in the various Health care Centers across the state are very pathetic. Not only the general illiterates, the so-called some  educated people including some political Neeta's, some MLAs and Ministers hardly follows the SOPs  announces by the state and central government.

As per the WHO announcement, people of all ages can be infected by the coronavirus. Older people, children's and people with pre-existing  medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus. Still date there is no confirmed medicines available for the treatment of coronavirus infections. And to avoid the coronavirus infections only medicine is the 'social distancing'. But in many cases our Neeta's are meeting peoples openly, distributing food to the poor's physically and takings Cheques for the CM Relief fund not maintaining the minimum social distancing norms. Some of the Neeta's are posted such pictures on their Facebook pages too.

In view of the above, now question arises for how long can Tripura remain safe from coronavirus?  Fear spikes not only after new data revealed on less testing which is very poor in numbers but to the disobey of the SOPs and violations of social distancing norms to fight against coronavirus. Moreover, the entry of corona-suspected people in Tripura is still continue from bordering country and states, which may causes serious problems in near future.  


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