Shilajit kar bhowmik

Time has handed over Tripura a grand opportunity to rejuvenate its cricket infrastructure. As Sourav Ganguly has been unofficially and unanimously elected as the President of BCCI, Tripura must lobby for the development of its fragile cricket infrastructure. Making efforts in that direction, Dr. Manik Saha, President of Tripura Cricket Association (TCA) is attempting to establish a good rapport with Ganguly. This is what the TCA President informed over the telephone.

TCA has come a long way by placing implicit reliance upon the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). In reciprocity, CAB has done justice to this faith by playing a conducive role in the growth of TCA. This relation of faith dates back to the tenure of Sourav Ganguly's father, Chandi Ganguly as President of CAB. Subsequently, Jagmohan Dalmiya followed suit as Ganguly’s successor.

Tripura extended a hand of gratitude by voting for Jagmohan Dalmiya which assured him victory over Madhavrao Scindia as BCCI President. 

Hence, TCA should strike a close rapport with CAB if it aspires for a better future and is willing to strive for strengthening the delicate infrastructure of cricket in Tripura.

Dr. Manik Saha has also been generously offered by Sourav Ganguly an office of BCCI, which the TCA President politely declined to accept.

It has been accused for decades that TCA has built up its infrastructures in Government-run schools and for that purpose, huge amount of public funds have been misappropriated. And now it is incumbent upon the TCA to construct atleast two mini-stadiums across the state.

TCA has already spent Rs. 30 crores on the construction of a stadium in Polytechnic College, but left it uncompleted. Whereas, in states like Himachal Pradesh, Rs. 30 crores have not gone wasted as the construction of a stadium duly attains completion. This phenomenon has left Sourav Ganguly flabbergasted.

Therefore, TCA should mandatorily establish a strong connection with CAB for constructing two mini-stadiums in its own land. Sourav Ganguly made a positive gesture towards Dr. Manik Saha of providing assistance to TCA; possible as it may be.

In a BCCI conclave held in Mumbai yesterday, Tripura lent support for the candidature of Brijesh Patel. However, Tripura should not repeat such mistakes. Else, it will be ejected from BCCI.

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