Post lock down scenario: Self-discipline is the key

Dr VK Bahuguna (A Retired Civil Servant)

May 22, 2020, 18:28:48   

The normal activities are being allowed cautiously and in a calibrated site specific approach being adopted. The fact is corona pandemic is not going to leave us too soon nor a scientifically validated treatment protocol is available within next at least 6 to 12 months, though some are hopeful that something will happen soon like the news of Serum Institute of Pune soon producing 4 million units of vaccine in collaboration with Oxford University. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has assigned the Bharat Biotics (which is already working on nasal vaccine CoroFlu against corona virus in collaboration with US researchers) to start phase II human trials for developing a human monoclonal anti-body against corona. Similar news is coming from, USA, Israel and Italy. One thing is sure whosoever, develops a vaccine for corona in the world India will be a must partner and will be benefited because 60% of the world vaccines are produced and supplied by India. 

The corona spread continues to rise fast in India especially in a few states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Delhi. As on 22nd May 2020 more than 116000 people are reported to be infected by corona with 3600 deaths and around 49,000 people recovering from it. For past few days the average daily increase in corona is now in the range of 5000 which is a cause of concern for the countrymen. On the positive side the virus spread has been checked in many states like Goa, Sikkim, Uttarakhand due to strict compliance of the lock down guidelines issued by Home and Health Ministries, self discipline observed by the people and pre-emptive measures taken by the state administrations. The death rate is around 3.3 % which is quite low compared to other countries and more than 75 to 80% of the cases are asymptomatic. The recovery rate is also touching to around 29 to 30 %. However, the migrants are creating new cases wherever they are going and it is feared that it may spread rapidly in rural areas.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken timely action and led this fight in the country from front and today Indian handling of corona is being appreciated world over. The gains are to be consolidated by providing real time leadership from National level to village level after the lockdown is over. The economy of the country had taken a beating and unless we revive the manufacturing and other activities the country will be in serious trouble and the GDP growth is in negatives already. 

The experience of more than 120 days of corona fighting by the nation has shown some positive indications and we must build on them. The majority people have acquired a sense of self discipline in regulating their life and the nation must make it a routine now as many of our ills in society are due to lack of discipline. The cost of discipline is always less than the cost of lack of discipline as we have notices in this pandemic. This writer can say with full authority that if countrymen follow some tips carefully we can do all kinds of work and gradually develop herd immunity. First, during bathing put soap foam inside the nose and after bath put cow Ghee or coconut oil inside the nose, do gargles with salt water and must wear mask before stepping out of home. Second, take hot water in a flask with some salt and ensure to do few gargles every hour, wash your hands with soap keep and use sanitizer, strictly maintain social distance and do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth. Third after returning home, wash your hands feet and immediately proceed for salt water gargles and drink Ayush sponsored decoction in the night. The aim is to protect your nose, mouth, and throat strictly. Even if corona enters the body by chance it will be killed before it reaches the lungs. 

The Prime Minister must exhort the nation and leaders of all political parties and social workers to fan out and mobilize people to observe these three suggestions scrupulously. The government had already divided the corona affected areas in red, orange and green zones and issue fresh guidelines how the industrial activities will be opened and effectively monitored in these three zones while at the same time improving the medical facilities. It is to be thought of if asymptomatic and mild symptom patients be advised to remain in home. How effectively we discipline our self in post lock down period shall depend the revival of country’s economy.

We must have a programme soon for bringing back unorganised sector workers including migratory labour back as productive assets. Sending them back may be a short term solution for mental reasons but they must be provided the work by manufacturing sector. If the Chief Labour Commissioner had enforced the Inter-State Migrant Workers Act, 1979, Wages Act and The Building and Other Construction Workers Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act (RE&CS) Act, 1996 the problems of migratory labour would not have arisen. After all it was only a question of less than two months. In fact government must bring out an ordinance to amalgamate all Acts and bring more provisions to protect the workers from such situation. Maybe the main theme post 31st ought to be self discipline, and regulated life as in corona time without discipline there is no life. And with self discipline every goal can be achieved systematically. We must understand that if we do not discipline our self corona will discipline us in any case but by that time it may be too late. Discipline with experience of lock down is the vehicle for getting rid of present crisis. 

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