Planning and it's execution important for the development of Tripura

Kiran Bhowmik

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is important for the country and Gross State Domestic Product(GSDP) is also important for state because it indicates the income generated by production activities on economic territory of that particular country or state. The GSDP of state indicates the income of state from different sectors. The state Tripura yet depends on various centrally sponsored schemes but the state Tripura is full of resources. The state can improve it’s income if the government able to make proper plan. The plan has to be executed in compliance with planning for the development of Tripura.

It is very important to use natural resources of Tripura because the state is full of natural resources. The promising sectors of the State's economy are natural gas, quality land, rubber, tea and labour with low cost. 

According to report of Economic Review of Tripura, the state Tripura is endowed with commercially exploitable gas resources that have not been commercially exploited till the date on account of lack of adequate road/rail infrastructure, weak transmission infrastructure and vast distances to load centre in northern, central and western India. High rainfall and good soil offer considerable scope for land based economic activities. The major crops grown in plantations are tea, rubber, cashew, orange and pineapple. Jackfruit, banana, lemon, coconut and areca nut are largely grown on the homestead. Fruits grow very well in Tripura. The quality of jackfruit, orange and pineapple is widely recognized. The yield of potato per hectare of land in Tripura is the highest in the northeastern region. Tripura is the second largest producer of natural rubber after Kerala. The rubber and tea plantation activities have a special socioeconomic significance in rehabilitation of shifting cultivators, i.e., jhum cultivation done by the tribals of the State.

According to report of Agriculture Today, the National Agriculture Magazine has published in their year book that the seven states of Northeastern India along with Sikkim, namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura cover 255.79 lakh hectares, constituting 7.92% of total land area of the country. The region produces a large amount of spices such as chillies, ginger, mustard seeds, turmeric etc. Also, rubber and bamboo are among the important agricultural produces, offering investment opportunities in the region. Tripura is the chief production hub, while other rubber producing states in the region are Mizoram and Assam. Considering that globally India ranks third in the production and fourth in the consumption of rubber, it creates a huge market for investors.

The Economic Review of Tripura reveals that the state Tripura is need for higher private investment in the State. Public investment would mitigate the unemployment and poverty problem to a large extent. The future investment possibilities as well as the trade with the Bangladesh may improve the trade and transport sub sectors in particular. So, it is very important to make proper plan and to execute it as early as possible for the development of Tripura.
Source: 1) ECONOMIC REVIEW  OF  TRIPURA, Directorate of Economics & Statistics Planning (Statistics) Department Government of Tripura, Agartala.
2) Agriculture Today, The National Agriculture Magazine

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