Persecution of Hindus continues unabated in Bangladesh even amidst corona pandemic


May 12, 2020, 11:04:50   

The faithful is always protected from any commission of  sin and posthumous retribution by the illusory supreme entity by their belief in a supremacist , expansionist and a bestial ideology which also provides immunity from human frailty. Nothing illustrates the point better than majoritarian but 'moderate' Bangladesh, as reflected in unabated persecution of minority Hindus and Buddhists there even during the corona pandemic. Numerically diminishing vulture which is a 'patient bird' always waits for its prey to enfeeble itself or die before swooping down to tear at the entrails. The attacks on minorities, nothing new in Bangladesh since its blood-soaked birth, during the corona pandemic bear close resemblance to the DNA of scavenger vultures. The cross-border secularists and the pitiable home grown enthusiasts of SLL brigade would however have recourse to prevarication, evasion and subterfuge to defend the indefensible. However, their verbosity without accountability now have very few takers.   

Soon after the pandemic had struck the land of the pure and faithful in genetically communal Pakistan , Imran Khan Niazi's government refused to provide any succour to the minuscule minority Hindus and Christians and then the surfeit of fundamentalists took over , promising to provide relief to hapless minorities provided they converted to the 'only true' ideology. The majoritarian Bangladesh has parted ways with all nuances and subtleties by forsaking attempts at conversion with baits but kept on forcible eviction , illegal encroachment of land , brutal treatment of women and various other macabre forms of persecution.  The  ‘Minority Watch’, a rights body in Bangladesh, has listed twenty one incidents of bestialities perpetrated on Hindu and Buddhist minorities over the past one month even as the faithful reel under corona disease and death and the month of 'Ramadan' is on ! 

But this is nothing new for the (un)holy warriors who have converted a fourteen hundred year old legacy into an inheritance which legitimizes all forcible or arm-point seizures (Ganimat) provided these are done with right hand and against the unbelievers. It is instructive to recall an anecdote of Indian history : when Akbar had won the second battle of Panipath on November 5 , 1556 the critically injured body of Adil Shah Suri’s general Hemu or Himaditya Gaur's body was brought to the invading Mughal camp, Bairam Khan, guardian-angel of Akbar, had advised his protege to kill off the dying Hemu to earn the honorific 'Gazi'-one who has slain an unbeliever with his own hands, an act of great spiritual merit ! But all this is part of a fourteen hundred year old pernicious legacy as is evident from the fate of three communities of people , the Banu Nadir, Banu Qainuka and the luckless Banu Koreiza in a far-off oasis in the third decade of seventh century. 

Hence forcible displacement, genocide , forcible occupation of unbelievers land , properties and women form part of a theorization of gangsterism which can be legitimised at the altar of belief system in the ideology. After all, the faithful can do no wrong, even if it means ill-treatment of corpses of the unbelievers, as reflected in difference between two chantings following death : the silent chanting of 'Phinare Jahannoma, Khaleduna Tu Aha' and 'In Illahe , Waiullahe Rajeul' !. Worse still, the iconoclastic frenzy that had commenced in the early seventh century with either wholesale conversion of places of worship into pedestals for nocturnal  descent of 'Faristhas' or total destruction out of trace continue unabated and currently rages in Bangladesh also. 

But the entire humanity has a lot to learn and a lot more to unlearn from the behavioural pattern of the faithful . When all illegal, immoral and sinful things can be committed with impunity against unbelievers for material gain and spiritual merit, there remains no option to exercise upon for self-preservation . And when homicidal or genocidal assertion of faith is an act of piety and suicide bombing is the stapled visa to an illusory paradise of lurid earthly pleasures, recourse to horrendous violence remains the only option for a bizarre self-assertion. For the defenceless minorities of Bangladesh it is time to reflect upon their future as the majoritarian state and the security forces will never protect their honour and prestige because they also form inalienable part of the apparatus marked by deeply sectarian exclusivism, inherent hatred against all non-conformists from birth and promotion and legitimization of violence as a valid  weapon coupled with a paranoid insistence on homogeneity, uniformity and conformity. A dour persistence in opposing reforms of any kind and a bizarre blending of megalomania and narcissism contribute to the path of direct reversion to stark medievalism in all aspects of life as does the sick propensity for regression among the faithful  all across the world. One only hopes for the advent of 'Dajjal' to relieve humanity from the baneful ideology of bestiality  and perfidy ! 

Human exodus from reason to unreason witnessed in ages down the annals of history has invariably inspired informed commentaries from philosophers and thinkers. But freedom from an obligation to adhere to basic morality, ethics and humanitarian principles, reinforced by lure of material gain in this world through acts of bestiality and promises of posthumous pleasures of the senses-unbridled carnal bliss and ethereal stimulation derived from finest drinks-proves irresistible. After all, man’s most preferred choice is animality in its worst manifestations, specially when perceived divine sanction is so easily available. Karen Armstrong, the brilliant chronicler of 'A History of God', has so perceptively and aptly characterized acts of bestiality in the name of faith as 'divine endorsement of licentious human indulgences'. But where does this end and when? It took the self-appointed spiritual supremos ensconced in Vatican two thousand years to realize and infer that the entire Jewish community could not be held responsible for the crucifixion and other faiths may also contain 'grains of truth'. A big concession to 'heathens' and unbelievers that remain unemulated as of now by the only true faith and its ardent practitioners.

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