Isan Biswas

Polythene has prevailed very widely in everywhere. Paths, roads, markets,  nagar panchayats,  small towns, big cities, even in small villages have been defiled for this poisonous polythene bags. Polythene garbage heaps here and there in villages, towns and all populous surroundings are very common issue. But due to darth of awareness people are destroying their own environment and sowing seed of uncertainity for the next generation. Polythene bags have harmful effects over nature. Harmful effects of polythene bags has spread widely. Polythene bags are one kind of plastics which are non-biodegradable and cause environmental pollution.

They undergo a process known as photo degradation, in which they break down into smaller and smaller toxic particles.
These particles contaminate soil and water and entering the food chain when eaten accidentally by animals like cows. Polythene bags are very dangerous that they can cause the death of the cattle. Polythene bags discarded into aquatic resources cause death of huge number of aquatic organisms. Polythene bags are also responsible for the clogging of drainage systems in cities and towns. Â Plastics take several years to decompose.

A Jute bags are made up of natural, biodegradable materials. They do not pose any danger in the environment. They do not release any toxic substances into environment during their degradation. Plastic is one of the most important things in the modern life of human being. It can be molded into any desired shape. It is cheap as compared to other materials and has more strength. It is a part of our day-to-day life. But, Plastic also carries a lot of disadvantages. It is harmful to the environment. It cannot be quickly degraded and damages the atmosphere if burnt. It can prevent seeping of water into the soil, reaching sunlight into water. The toxic chemical released during the production of plastic is another demerit. Plastic has given numerous benefits to human life but It is also a cause of global warming and pollution in our surrounding. Let us take a look at the negative effects of plastic in detail: Plastic pollutes soil: Plastic buried in soil can release a toxic chemical which mixes into the ground making it harmful for agriculture and human use, it can also seep into the ground and mix with groundwater. This makes the water unhealthy for human consumption and agricultural use. Sometimes plastic such as polythene bags, get buried under the soil, this makes the soil toxic. Plastic pollutes ocean: Plastic objects are left over into the ocean for biodegrading it. Plastics degrades faster in the sea, but it also leaves the harmful chemical into it, making it even more dangerous to the life on the earth. It increases the chance of Global Warming. The garbage thrown into the sea such as plastic utensils, polythene, etc. keeps floating into the sea. This prevents the sunlight from reaching the ground level of the sea. As a result, the life in the ocean does not get enough sunlight. This prevents them from developing and stops their growth. Plastic releases toxic when burned: In many rural and even urban areas, people set old plastic objects on fire in hope to get rid of it. Plastic contains a lot of chemicals which gets released into the atmosphere and mixes with the natural air. This makes the air we breath toxic and harmful. As a result, the air we breath is not pure and contains many types of hazardous chemical. When we breath contaminated air, it hurts our lungs and overall health in the long run.

Also read: Negative impact of technology on our lives Some ways to stop pollution due to plastic are:-
Use jute bag instead of polythene Polythene bags contribute a significant percentage to the usage of plastic. We use polythene bags most of the time. From buying vegetables from market to carrying goods. Polythene bags are very hazardous to the environment. They are non-biodegradable, and it is hard to get rid of this material. It can also cause harm to water life, human beings, and the environment. So, try to use jute bags when you go shopping. Reuse reusable plastic bottle

Nowadays, reusable plastic is used, which means you can refill these bottles with water and use them again. Avoid the use of CDs.Mostly CDs are made of poly-carbonate plastic. Every year, millions of CDs are sold. We can use pen drives or portable hard disks for carrying data as they can carry a large amount of data compared to CDs and are reusable too. Apart from this, governments need to take some serious actions as well to stop the plastic usage where alternatives are available.

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