Neer Mahal

B. Bhattacharya

January 13, 2022, 07:56:24   

Neer Mahal

Neermahal (a palace in Water) and the vast water area called Rudrasgar was once the pride of Tripura. 
The only palace of its kind in the whole eastern region, Neermahal was built by the Martin and Burn Company way back in 1930 in the centre of the 5.3 square km Rudrasagar Lake.

It was used as the summer resort of the erstwhile King Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur and others. A blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture and about 400 metre in length, the royalty's summer resort has 24 rooms with provisions for private quarters for the king and his family and retinue of servants. The vast water area, the refreshing unpolluted air, the jumping fishes all around were feast for the eye The maintenance, etc. was handed over to the State Government by the royal family. But the Government has so failed to honour the trust reposed on it. Now it is almost at extinction and its beauty ravaged by systematic negligence.

Had the palace would have in Rajasthan, they surely would have converted into a money-spinning tourist resort at par with Udaipur Jalmahal, etc. The Tourism department has so far been administered by the Government in ad hoc manner and to rehabilitate the officers loyal to them. It was the virtual rehabilitation centre. Had it not been so, they would have converted the Neer Mahal as one of the best tourist attractions of the North East India. I am leaving aside Unokoti, Pilak m, etc., the archaeological glee , the unending greenery , Narikel Ban at Dumbur Lake , etc. Tripura had all the potentials to be the best tourist attraction, but the cope has never been explored.

I am sure, the State Government shall appeal to the Hon’ble High Court. But only appeal is that the renovation plan that has been set afoot is not stalled in any way or otherwise we shall lose the national treasure once for all. The Government may also consider publication of a white paper on the status of Rudrasagar and Neermahal,

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