Medical fraternity the saviours of our country

K Saleem Ali, Retd DGP, Tripura

May 3, 2021, 15:50:14   

I always tell my neurosurgeon daughter that god answers the prayers of the patients through doctors and medical fraternity. The medical fraternity are representatives of GOD . 

The selfless service they are now rendering to our country which has the worlds second largest population is unparalleled in the history of mankind .We have already lost a large numbers of well qualified doctors and paramedics in the most dangerous war against Covid-19 . 

The need of the hour is to encourage them , support them, stand like a rock with them  and be a warrior ourself in breaking the Covid chain by following the norms . The families in affected area should go on voluntary 14 days quarantine and not wait for government orders . This will definitely assist them in their battle . 

The medical fraternity are ill equipped , under staffed and less paid and yet they are rising to the occasion. No words can express our gratitude to them . What they are doing now is unparalleled in medical history of our country. They are our national hero's who should be respected, remembered and decorated more than the war heroes who fight known enemies . 

The most apt tribute we can pay to them in this trying time is to sensitise the politicians to improve the working conditions of the medical fraternity, increase their strength, their salary and properly equip the government hospital . 

Time has come for us to demand from these politicians,  at least one well equipped and adequately staffed government hospital in each subdivision  as well as district level , followed by an AIIMS in each state hqrs . Drastically increase the intake of students into medical colleges and paramedic colleges  to increase our medical staff strength multiple times .

Government should discourage  corporatisation of medical treatment . Provide Free medical treatment for BPL families and increase the expenditure in heath sector from present 1.2 percent of GDP to at least 10 percent . 

Time has come for us to realise that Medicare is an important aspect of life and governments  should not absolve themselves of this responsibility.

When we can be leaders in manufacturing generic drugs why can't we be leaders in medical care . Time has come to wake up . It is still not too late India can wake up and prove the world wrong .

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