Me & My Mega Quiz

Sandip Ray

Agartala was not an unknown city for me; I had visited it two decade ago. A legal problem forced me to visit this city once again. My professional legal advisor broke all protocol by receiving me from the airport. On our way, he talked about some quiz competition and took me to the venue where he introduced me to his friends. The quiz was happening the next day; I reminded myself what I was there for, returned to the hotel and settled for the night. 

The subsequent day I attended the quiz, it looked Mega. The stage, lighting, sound and projection were of very high standard. The event was coordinated by three Quiz master, two of them belonged to Agartala while One Came from Hyderabad, a balance of standard, Regional and global. The program was special for many as I saw a host of business houses, Entrepreneurs and Government Department helping the organizer by way of sponsoring the event.  The event took almost twelve hours which was attended by The Honorable Chief Minister of the state, Various Minister, Bureaucrats, officials and people from all walks of life. By the end of it I realized the gravity of the event and the hard work that has gone in staging it. I left the venue with a lot of thoughts and newly acquired friends making a promise that I shall attend this event in future too.

I returned home after discussing my legal issue with a lot of new formed memories. Few days later I found myself added in a whatsapp group comprising of members who had taken active participation in the quiz. Message started flowing gradually bonding me into the group making me one of them. From sharing Pictures from the quiz to sharing jokes, we were discussing everything under the sun. The most important of them was the Good Morning message that everyone posted, without fail in the morning. I was now part of an extended family with lots of brother around. The group was named very apt, Brothers in Arms.  Time flowed with change of season announcing the date for the 9th edition of the Tripura info Mega quiz. The date was finalized after a lot of discussion, my views were also taken into consideration, an age old system followed my any big and happy joint family.  This time I wanted to be a part of it, not by compulsion but by choice. The excitement in the group was tremendous, ideas being poured on what we would do when we meet. The happiness was nothing less than the festival to celebrate the Mother's home coming, Durgotsava.

I came out of the airport, the city did not look strange, and it felt like I was home when my eyes fell upon the people who were there to receive me. Long tight hugs and handshakes gave a sense of euphoria that can only be felt at the start of the festival, Maha Saptami. Most of my extended family members were in the venue taking care of the various components related to the quiz. It was emotional and joyful meeting everyone almost after a year. Life is full of surprises, you don't get love and affection where you expect it to come from but you get a lot from stranger who becomes your support system. The gathering was alike to Maha Ashtami jamboree. Once again I sat among the audience, this time as a part of the organizing team and Witnessed the quiz unfold step by step. The stage and every other component had improved and the event repackaged more professionally. The sea of Dignitaries turned into an ocean. Every soul present inside the hall witnessed the event unfurl like the Maha Navami Puja. At the end of the day the tiredness of the organizers was wiped off by the soft tissue of satisfaction, satisfaction of doing and organizing a Mega program smoothly and successfully. 

The team members got together to celebrate the success of the Mega quiz and to make note on factor that requires improvement. Each one was thanking the other for helping the program see success by hugging each other, something you would see only on a Vijaya Dashami. Once back home I realized, I have left something behind. The same feeling you feel standing in the empty Puja pandal after the Mother has left for her home. Probably this feeling is a part of unconditional love and brotherhood.

It has been seven years since I have been associated with the Tripura Info mega Quiz, a family celebration for me now. For the last fourteen years, has been helping the youth of Tripura nurture their knowledge base and judge the same on a global scale. I personally advocate the concept of Learn & Play. It is my earnest desire to see a day where the Quizzing gets over by five in the evening and the stage is cleared for everyone to enjoy some cultural play. I feel by doing so, will create an additional platform for talent. Whatever changes, if any, will only happen as a unified family decision and till than every year all the family members will keep on meeting  with one common goal, to make the Mega Quiz bigger, better and refined.

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