Martial Art : Origin, Growth and Development

Arjun Debbarma

Martial art is an ancient method of training which leads one towards enlightenment by coordinating body, mind and respiration. The first thing which is very important when you get trained in martial art, you have to understand, this helps us to develop our personality and not only that, its helps us to concentrating in any other tasks. We become more disciplined. And it's good for blood circulation and it reduces stress also.

Origins of Martial Arts

The Western interest in East Asian martial art dates back to the late 19th Century due to the increase in trade between the West and China and Japan. India has a long history of martial art. Shaolin Kung Fu, a term that includes a large variety of Chinese martial arts, trances its lineage to Bodhidharma, the Indian monk who, according to popular legend introduced Buddhism to China during the 6th century AD. Monks at the Shaolin Temple (located in Henan province) still study a combination of martial arts and, while Chinese and Japanese fighting forms such as Kung Fu Ju-Jitsu have become national institution, many of Indians ancient fighting techniques languish as forgotten art forms.

 Why we should learn martial arts?

We should learn martial arts to defend ourselves against any attack with awareness that can occur in any real life scenarios. I would like to highlight one thing, that self defense helps women to protect themselves and their family. It is the most important reason to learn self defense for women.

If you look up, martial art is not only a self defense training, it emphasize on your health also. Regular practice of martial arts can helps you to reduce cholesterol level from heart, and another benefits is martial can help to reduced weight loss. Any form of martial arts is able to burn more than 500 - 800 calories per day if it's exercise properly. So considering calculation we could burn one pound of fat in just 3 - 4 day of i.e. losing of weight 2 - 3kg of weight just in a week. Moreover regular exercise of martial arts builds a well developed power in our brain. For every one of us in present a good physic has become all important attire of daily life. 

In Agartala there are so much of misconceptions regarding Martial arts. The people used to think earlier that it was not appropriate to train their kids in martial arts. But it is a negative thought regarding this sport. But if you think twice and deeply, this is not an easy thing. If you watch carefully, in any sport or game, there are technically advanced, rules and regulations.

But at present the guardians were showing interest to train their kids in martial art because it has successfully become a special part of school sports and games. So people are encouraging their children to be a part of martial art. Martial art has been recognized by Govt. of Tripura. Those who participated in state, national level competition, they have been rewarded by Govt. of Tripura. Martial art is not only any game or sport, it helps to identify your flexibility and if your learn martial art it will stay for a lifetime.

Here is a list of Arm based Martial Arts:

 1. Kalaripayattu: Know as the Mother of all martial arts this 300 years old art form originating from Kerala, draws inspiration from the raw power swift movement and sinuous strength majestic animals the lion, tiger. The term 'Kalari' refers to the place where this combat style is taught while 'Payattu' means to practice.

 2. Gatka: Originating from the state of Punjab, Gatka is believed to be battle technique created by Sikh warriors during the martial period of great Sikh gurus.

 3. Sqay: Sqay is an ancient martial arts traditionally practiced by the people of Kashmir. Armed Sqay makes us of a curved single edge sword paired with a shield, while unarmed techniques incorporate kicks, punches, locks and chops.

Here is a list of bare hand Martial Art:

 1. Taekwondo: A blend of Karate and Chinese martial arts, Taekwondo originated in Korea. It focuses on speed and agility and helps strengthen your core

 2. Judo: Judo dates back to 1882 and originated in Japan. It is an extremely useful martial art as the aim in Judo is to toss your opponent to the ground.

 3. Musti Yuddha: This art form basically originated in Varanasi and is very similar to a lot of South Asian kick boxing style. You learn how to strike with your fists, elbows, feet and knees.

This list includes Kushti which is an Indian traditional wrestling form and also Karate which is another powerful martial art in term of performing with bare hands.

Prerequisite for opening an institute:-

For opening an institute, you will require an approval from the federation of state government. The only complication is the location of the institution.

The training session can be carries out in open fields. The trainer who will be training the students should be a diplomat in black belt in martial arts.

Self defense is the best defense. Now in today's world how is it important? This is important such that humans can keep themselves safe especially for girls and children. As we have seen many cases regarding molestation and kidnaps, once a person is good in defending himself/herself, these might come under control.

Girls will feel themselves to be in a safer environment once they gain the confidence to tackle this. Thus martial art is important as it creates mindfulness and brings you up as a better stronger person. I understand the fact that we are lacking in infrastructures but future is near when we will have a better infrastructures for all our needs.

One day for all the interested participants, the organization will surely look after all of them and their needs, building discipline and self control, physical awareness and social awareness.


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