Manifesto of Harvard experiment

Debajyoti Gupta

July 20, 2020, 11:59:47   

The story of Kaczynski crimes began more than 20 years ago but the chain of consequence they trigged has yet to run its course named the Unabomber by the FBI because his early victims was associated with universities , airlines . Kaczynski conducted an increasingly lethal campaign of terrorism that began on May 26 1978, when his first bomb slightly injured a north western university public safety officer, Terri marker and ended on April 24 1994. When a bomb he had made killed the president of the California forestry association Gilbert Murray. Yet until 1993 Kaczynski remain mute and his intentions were entity unknown.

By 1995, his explosive had leap sophistication that year he suddenly became loquacious writing letters to newspapers, magazines, targets and victims 2 years later, the Washington post in connection with the New York Times published copies of the 35,000 word essay that Kaczynski title Industrial society and its future and which the press called the Manifesto. 

During these events from first bomb to plea bargain was Kaczynski strong desire to have his ideas as described in the manifesto taken seriously. The industrial society and its consequence, Kaczynski manifesto have been a disaster for the human race. They led it contents to the growth of a technological system dependent on a social, economic and political order that suppresses individual freedom and destroy nature. The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs intend it is the human behaviour that has to be modified to fit needs of the system.

By facing people to confirm to machines rather than vice versa, the manifesto states technology creates a sick society which is against the human potential, because technology demands constant change it destroys local human scale communities, because it requires a high degree of social and economic organisation, it encourages the growth of crowded and unliveable cities of mega states in different the need of citizens.

This revolution towards a civilisation increasingly dominated by technology and the power structures serving technology, the manifesto are used cannot be reversed on its own because technology is a more powerful social force than the aspiration for freedom and because while technological process as a whole continually narrows our sphere of freedom, each knew technical advance considered by itself appears to be desirable. Hence science and technology constitute a mass power movement. Many scientists gratified there need for power through identification with this mass movement there the technophiles are taking us all an utterly reckless ride into the unknown.

The manifesto has given rise to a social infrastructure dedicated to modifying behaviour. This infrastructure include a array of government agencies with ever expanding police power and out of control regulatory system that encourages the limitless multiplication of laws and education establishment that traces conformism ubiquitous television network whose fair is essential electric from of Velum, and a medical and psychological establishment that promotes the indiscriminate use of mind altering drugs. Since the system threatens humanity survival and cannot be reformed it must be destroyed. Indeed the system wills probably collapsed on its own, when the weight of suffering of human becomes unbearable but the longer persists the more devastating will be the ultimate collapse. Hence revolutionary like the Unabomber by hastening the onset of the breakdown will be reducing the extent of the disaster.



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