MICRO BIOTA's Macro mystery

Dr Amitava Roy

Gravitational force losing it's crown to be a fundamental force and Pluto demoted to a dwarf planet. Can't we promote something to fill the vacuum. Yes indeed, it's tiny friends cohabits you since your inside mom's womb life. The interaction begins in utero and the umbilical cord that attaches them, offers babies their first exposure to the bacteria that will soon colonize and support their own small bodies. The upcoming science is a hot topic in scientific avenues. I am not sure this is enough to fill the black hole created by disrespecting fundamental rights of gravitation and demoting Pluto from the panel of planets.

You are more bacteria than human if take number of cells in your body in consideration. It is tough to believe that your body poses 9 microbial cells against one human cells. So, the lion share of your achievement in life attributed to those tiny friends. 

In my previous article of cover story I have mentioned how the knowledge of gut matrix brings insight to causation of many diseases and the diverse microflora contributes to uniqueness of personality. In most GI upsets happening only when good bacteria succumb to the prowess of bad ones.

And in the biggest known human study, a group of 25 healthy women ate yogurt with live bacteria every day for four weeks. Compared to the control group, the yogurt eaters had "calmer" reactions to images of facial expressions. Researchers are still trying to pinpoint how these good bacteria improve the mood; theories include activating compounds like serotonin, stimulating the vagus nerve, which releases the natural calming agent acetylcholine, and simply sending calming signals to the immune and nervous systems. Researchers hope that one day common psychiatric disorders could be treated with probiotics as well as drugs.

The exterior surface of human skin is home to as many as 300 strains of bacteria. These microbes are intricately linked to your immune system, helping you defend against invading pathogens. Before you rush off to take a shower, consider that these living colonies in your body work in synergy with you to keep you healthy. You naughty fellows, thinking it is a excellent excuse to escape daily bathe in coming winter. 

In a recent study, George Washington University found a notable difference in the throat microbiomes of schizophrenics as compared to healthy controls. This theory brings potential applications for biomarkers that could detect and diagnose schizophrenia with a simple swab test, possibly before symptoms occur.

If you're looking for another reason to clean your house less often, more research points to allowing for more bacterial diversity in your home, and connects a reduction in bacterial biodiversity to an increase in allergies. Chemicals that clean floors and toilets also kill good bacteria - better to use "natural" agents like baking soda and vinegar, or to stress less over a slightly dirty floor, the dog sleeping on your bed, or using hand sanitizer for dirty hands. 

And when as a scientist, we interpret this amazing world, world of microbes and continuous interaction with us, the results can be simply marvellous. Here are some mysteries revealed about the human microbiome. The enthusiasm to explore the arena are ever increasing.

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