Kiran Gitte – an officer of iron determination

Biswanath Bhattacharya

March 2, 2023, 13:20:11   

Kiran Gitte – an  officer of iron determination

It has emerged clearly that the ‘Tipra Motha’ has harmed the opposition Congress and CPI (M) much more than the ruling BJP. Though it is not the time to say anything conclusively, but the poll result in some of the constituencies do speak it. Despite the clarion call of the supremo of Tipra Motha not to divide opposition voters, his comrade-in-arms hardly listened to him.It is easy to mount a tiger but very difficult to dismount from it. Again, it is surprising to note that TMC has ensured the defeat of Shri Purushottam Roybarman supported by both CPM and the Congress.  Surprising! Really Surprising!!
Further, there is an added feather in the cap of Shri Kiran Gitte, the Chief Electoral Officer ( CEO). He has arranged for foolproof security arrangements in and around all the counting halls to ensure peace and calm for ensuring a smooth, free and fair election and counting of ballots as well. No individual-howsoever high-was allowed to create any trouble or untoward situation.
I had the privilege to work with Shri Kiran Gitte, I know, how his minds work. I know him since his probationary period. A systematic way of attempting success is his  plan, His message to all he works with is to instil hope, courage, and confidence. He mobilizes all his resources in a systematic and organized way and tackles the grave issues that confront him with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great administrator. 
Gitte appealed to all political parties to maintain peace following the declaration of assembly election results . Congratulating the people of the Tripura he appealed to all people irrespective of  caste, creed, or political affiliation to maintain peace and amity.In all probability, the bad blood, bitterness and animosity generated all these days between various parties and sections of people may persist and culminate into unfortunate violence. Therefore, the appeal of Shri Gitte   will have added forbearance. 
He has appealed  to all political parties, their leaders and workers to accept and honour people's verdict with a democratic spirit and abstain from violence in the best interest of the state.He has  also requested not to organise any victory rally or procession on March 2 and 3 to avoid creating unnecessary tension and trouble. And his appeal has been given due to cognizance and honour. He was hell-bent that Amity is not jeopardized at any cost. Let us strengthen the hand of the administration! We also earnestly hope  that peace prevails!