Killers of 'rapists and murderers' are themselves guilty of murder

Rahul Sengupta

Backbone of democracy is "the administration of law." In India, democracy is perfected by elapse of time. "Rule of law" has been given the top priority, for which democracy is getting perfection day by day. The moment gun will rule, the rule of law will be finished. 

All branches of State craft shall work according to law within the boundary demarcated by the Constitution and the law. From the top to the lowest position holder of the state, all are bound to act according to law. 

The moment law will not administer, but the gun will take over the place of rule of law, will be the end of democracy. 

No doubt, rape and brutal murder is the most heinous offence so far recognized by the humanity on the earth. The offenders deserve to be treated ruthlessly, severest punishment should be given, but of course according to law, otherwise it will indulge in killing the people by the gunman every now and then. 

Ajmal Kasab, a foreigner extremist, committed merciless killing of innocent people ruthlessly, but he was also dealt with according to law of the land. 

The accused persons of Hyderabad gang rape and murder were in police custody. They were reportedly taken to the spot in course of investigation under police guard. It is now reported that they tried to snatch arms of the police and tried to flee away and, therefore, they have been killed on spot by police firing. It seems to be a mockery of truth and extremely hard to believe that four accused, who were under police custody, attacked the police party and tried to escape. Such a story seems to be a "cock and bull" story and no sensible man can believe it. Even if they tried to escape, except in extreme cases of right of private defence, police had no right to kill them on the spot, but to keep them in custody by using force as may be necessary and even by firing below waist. It appears that they have been killed by firing at a point blank range. Apparently, it appears to all sensible people that it is a cold blooded murder of some accused of heinous crime, which is not permitted by l aw. It will create a dangerous trend, if media, politicians and leaders of the country praise and glorify this sort of killings. 

December 6, 2019, various TV channels were showing that some people specially women showering flowers on police personnel and many public faces were praising the police action. This is extremely a dangerous proposition. It is bound to destroy our established rule of law. 

 "Killers" of "rapists and murderers" are themselves guilty of murder. If nothing is done in this matter, it will set in motion a dangerous trend, which will rape administration of justice and rule of law and the backbone of our democracy, which is praised all over the globe, will destroy.


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