Kamal prabha Devi - A Memoir of Modus Vivendi

Devid Debbarma

"Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future
And time future contained in time past."  

The story of royal scion Maharajkumari Kamal prabha Devi is a story about how people learn, despite incredible difficult odds, to survive, to share and to love. She took birth in Agartala on 1915. She was the daughter of Maharaj Birendra Kishore Manikya Bahadur. Her mother was Jibankumari Devi, the fourth queen.

She was not conventionally educated. However, she was an ardent student of University of Nature. From her early days onwards, she had a core attachment to words, sounds and colors. Her father Birendra Kishore was an elevated artist of western tradition. He had an unimaginable expertise on music as well as various instruments. Apart from that, the inner courtyard was drenched with the enshrined flow of poetry, rhythm and melody. Her grandfather, Birchandra's artistic dexterity, poetry and music were well acclaimed. This unparallel artistic entity had bequeathed to the princess and princesses. Though, they were lulled and nurtured under royal amenity and wealth, many of them has spent their life in creative pursuit of music and color, sound and melody. Their colossal passion has impressed a sage like Rabindranath Tagore. The heightened cultural and artistic realization of the common people of Tripura, what bemused the inquisitive world once, the cardinal flow of that thing started from the inner courtyard of the royal mansion.

Her son Jishnu Dev varma, Deputy Chief Minister of Tripura, has many anecdotes to tell about her. Added to that, eminent writer from Tripura, Sri Bikach Chowdhury also shares many stories of inspiration in his introduction to the book called 'Doll's House', which is penned by none other than Kamalprabha Devi.  

She was of many talents - painting, poetic excellence and an unparalleled litterateur. She had trust in the mystic world of stoicism and a hardcore existentialist in the same period. Her book and writings portrays a world of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. Though, nurtured in the royal courtyard but she had an unflinching attachment to the roots - their culture, language and way of life. She stands as an instance to the rest of the world how to be a human being and compassionate soul.

Her five plus centenary life equates to a learning lesson for many. She has never expressed wicked heart when the question is of love, care and sympathy is all aspects. Princess of the realistic world is no more but her story is itself a saga.

It is time to listen to her in her very own words - "Many people appreciate me, like me, but no one can love. Now I understood there was a reason behind this - promotion. Having all odds those who love me cried, they deposited their teardrops in my life-savings. I did not dare to tear apart from them…I am human being floating constantly, I am feeling sleepy after a long long time."

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