India- It's time to think

Saptashish Deb

Exponential population growth and downfall of  economy are leading our country towards major challenges to fulfillment of countries food and nutritional requirements. Downfall of the value of Indian currency, declining GDP growth and per capita income are creating a challenging situation to maintaining the self-sufficiency. In this condition novel "Coronavirus (COVID-19)", the newly introduced epidemic is becoming ready to create an extra trouble for our country. Apart from developing countries, developed countries are also the victims of this novel pestilence. COVID-19 slowly creating a scenario which may leads our country to stop importing goods from other countries in coming days. Already thousands of company, farms, processing units, retail outlets shut-down their functions throughout the world including in India. The worst effect of this malfunctioning is started coming into picture, as we already witnessed one of the biggest dropdown in share market. India as a country which in normal condition use to witness the 40% of food wastage due to lake of proper infrastructure, storage and processing units and facing lots of problems and challenges may face even more worse situation in coming days. 

It has been proved that we Indians can do anything. We can face and defeat any worst situation. The only thing is we just need to be united. I heard from my grand-father that during 1965 Indo-Pakistan war there was a severe scarcity of food and our Late Prime Minister LalBahadurShastriJi asked people to stop one meal as US was warning to us that they won’t export wheat. That day without a single question all the Indians were stood with our PM and rest we all know a beautiful winning history. 

Today the scenario is not like skipping our meal or anything to get scared. Our administration and government is truly trying to bring the normalcy. But being a citizen it’s all of our duty to contribute something and to think about our country. So that we can live a normal life without facing any price rise, deficiency or shortage after this lock-down situation. 

It is true that for each and individual it is not possible to reduce any kind of wastage related to field, processing and transportation level. But we should not forget that a small household level saving and reduction can offer big rewards. Being an average Indian I think we should buy what we really need and that will reduce wastage as well as will save our money also. I am not telling that we should not think about a luxurious life, but we must think about this 'buy what you need' point in this current scenario. Secondly, do not load your plate with extra food, which lead to scarping the leftover food into the bin. Remember we can take ten times while taking food if our stomach really need, but overloading of our plate is simply denoting that we are supporting wastage. Thirdly, store your uncooked and cooked food correctly. Specially try to store in an accurate temperature zone for better safety, prevention and stop the growth of harmful bacteria. Always try to save and eat leftover foods. Though scientifically recycling of cooked food is not advisable but if you wish you can do, but definitely after accruing proper knowledge. At last but not the least still if you are not able to manage wastage in any special occasion, you can donate your leftover which will help those are in need. 

It's not like we don't know all above things or I am discussing anything related to rocket science. But unlike one night before our exam we need to revise our syllabus, I think time has been arrived to revise our basic duties for the betterment of our family, friends, society and overall for our country. So, let's revise together and make our country a crisis free India. 

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