History in the making: Lord Ram to shine from the temple where he originally belongs

Sekhar Datta

Agartala November 09,2019 : The demolition of the so-called 'Babri Maszid' or , inter alia, disputed structure of Ayodhya on December 6 1992 had provoked countrywide outrage and indignant reactions within the country as well as among the secular liberals aboard . However , the lone voices of dissent had emanated from eminent India-born British novelist V.S.Naipaul-later a nobel laureate in 2001- and the celebrated cultural refugee from India, venerable Nirad C.Chowdhury. "For the first time in their chequered  history the Hindus seem to have shown a real sense of history" said Naipaul ,  reacting to the demolition of the disputed structure at Ayodhya. Similarly, indomitable Nirad C. Chowdhury had chided a group of secular journalist in his inimitably scathing manner : 'What is the great deal  about this , the Muslim rulers and stray mobs had demolished thousands of Temples, Monasteries , Gurdwaras across peninsular India ; now only a dilapidated and disputed structure has ceased to exist ; why shed so copious tears over it'.

But fitful  tear-jerking over today's supreme court judgment is also likely to linger from the infamous secular, left liberal (SLL) brigade for a long time to come. But leaving that aside , what emerges from  remote antiquity is the human propensity for iconoclasm since the advent of organized religious faiths , Christianity and its inheritor Islam . Judaism or the religion of Jews had not become as much a menace to humanity because it is still devoid of proselytizing zeal . From early Christianity to the explosion of Islamic exuberance pulverizing the world now-destruction of religious places of non-believers , Pagans, Heathens, Kafirs, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs , Jains, Zoroastrians  and umpteen number of indigenous and localized faiths has been possibly the highest common factor of human history across the world . 

Hindu India , an inward looking and self-contained spiritual civilization, arguably the oldest and greatest in ancient world, suffered the worst from Islamic invasions and faith-propelled iconoclasm. According to celebrated American historian Will Durant "the Mohammedan conquest of India is the bloodiest story in history , a discouraging tale ; its evident morale is that the delicate fabric of a civilization and its order of peace and stability may be overthrown by Barbarians invading from without and multiplying within". Hindu India survived Will Durant's prognosis , though not unscathed , but scars across the country are all too visible to lose sight of . The hidden records of Archeological Survey of India (ASI), leaked out at one stage by leading VHP scholars, bear testimony to the fact that during the long period of Islamic depredations close to forty thousand temples , monasteries, Gurdwaras et al had been razed to the ground and in some cases forcibly converted into mosques. Now what happened to the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya , one of the holiest Hindu holy places in the world, as the birth place of Lord Ram, the Maryada Purushottam is recorded in history. 

Muslim Ujbek invader Babur (Jahiruddin Mohammad Babur) had conquered and slain the then Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi on April 21 1526 in the first battle of Panipath  to capture India. Even as Babur was trying to come to terms with his new acquisition which was never dear to his heart, a Muslim fundamentalist Musa Ashiquan started provoking him to emulate most of his illustrious predecessors by destroying the imposing Ram Mandir of Ayodhya , a centre of annual congregations of 'Kafir Hindus' of India. Despite his reluctance to cause socio-political instability in his newly conquered land Babur resisted for a while but then succumbed . His Shia General Abdulla Mir Baqui Tashkhandi proceeded to quiet Ayodhya and resorted to the traditional cultural vandalism of the Muslims and early Christians by demolishing the temple and building a mosque in its place . A tell-tale inscription was placed on the gate of the mosque, designating it as 'landing place of angels' built by Mir Baqui. Hindus got reconciled to similar outrages all over India but it was the 'Ram Mandir' over which the Hindus kept up fighting through centuries. What posed a problem was that pages supposedly containing direct reference to the incident in 'Babur Nama', Babur's authorized autobiography , translated into english by Annette Susan Beverage, between April 28  1528 and September 18 the same year got lost when Humayun had to flee India after consecutive defeats to Sher Shah . However, proofs and evidences remained as continued the fight . 

The fight had taken a new turn as a British judge J.S.Chamier in 1885 had ruled in case filed by a Hindu in Faizabad district court that a grave wrong had been done by destroying the Ram Mandir but it was too late to correct the error. The daily worship of Ram Lala on the outer periphery of the Mandir-turned- Maszid continued but in December 1949 mysteriously idols of Ram and Sita had emerged within the mosque though it was widely suspected that Paramhans Ramchandra Das had put them in. Before that there had been riots in Ayodhya in 1934 and within two years the entire Muslim population had left Ayodhya for Faizabad and since 1936 the tainted mosque had become completely deserted . This was followed by at least five court cases that continued to hang fire. But from 1984 the Vishswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had launched an organized movement for the Ram Mandir. The rest of the incidents till the demolition in 1992 is too well known to bear recapitulation .

But the demolition and what emerged from the fallen structure only confirmed the traditional belief and the ASI survey of the area way back in 1976 under the stewardship of a celebrated Muslim archaeologist K.K.Mohammed that the so-called 'Babri Mosque' had been built on the demolished structure of a huge temple . A plate discovered from among demolished materials declared prominently in Sanskrit that the Ram Temple , demolished to make way for 'Babri Maszid', had actually been constructed by king Govind Chandra Gahadval (1414-1454) . Reinforcing the traditional view of destruction of Ram Temple six Muslim historians including the grand-daughter of Aurangzeb (1658-1707) had testified to the gory historical fact in books . A number of foreign travellers including Joseph Tieffenthaller of Austria who had visited Ayodhya had testified to the destruction of temple and construction of a mosque over it . 
The Allahabad high court judgment of September 2010 confirmed history on the basis of fresh archaeological excavations conducted in the fairest possible manner but opened a new question on possession of land and the matter reached the supreme court. The supreme court judgment announced today is a longstanding vindication of history and popular belief based on solid evidence . There is now no apparent obstacle to the path of emergence of an imposing Ram Temple in the site where it originally belonged and the government is expected to easily comply with the court order on finding an alternative five acres of land for a mosque. History has been rewritten today and the positive signal emanating from it will influence Indian history in the coming days. The government headed by Modi has transmitted another positive signal by ensuring tightening of security measures to prevent untoward incidents as well as to create a positive ambience in India's fissured polity. As advocated by the RSS, as yet there is no triumphalism or provocation on the part of Hindus or Muslims as the court order is merely correction of a historical wrong and not breaking a new frontier of victory.    

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