HIRA model: Modi-Manik's war of words and reality

Jayanta Debnath

January 8, 2022, 07:44:37   

HIRA model: Modi-Manik's war of words and reality

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on January 4 at an official public meeting at the stable ground in the capital claimed that Tripura is moving fast on the 'HIRA model'. On January 5, the day after the Prime Minister's demand, the former Chief Minister of Tripura, Shri Manik Sarkar, said that the Prime Minister's HIRA-model has been a super flop in the development of Tripura. Former Chief Minister of the state and now Leader of Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly Shri Manik Sarkar has alleged that the Prime Minister had blatantly lied about the development of Tripura in an official public meeting. Before the Assembly polls in 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the campaign and said that he would give HIRA to the people of Tripura if the Left Chief Minister Manik Sarkar was removed from power. Addressing an official function at the capital's stable ground on January 4, the Prime Minister said that he had given the people of Tripura the gift of 'HIRA' as promised. And the people of Tripura are already beginning to reap the benefits of the HIRA model. Standing on the stage of the official public meeting of the stables, the Prime Minister further said that the people of Tripura are getting three more gifts with the blessings of Mother Tripura Sundari at the beginning of the year 2022. The first gift - the modern air connectivity. Second Gift - Mission 100 Vidya Jyoti School. Third Gift - Tripura Chief Ministers Village Prosperity Scheme. 

Standing on the grounds of the largest gathering place in the capital Agartala, the Prime Minister demanded that unbalanced development is not good. Twenty-first century India will move forward with everyone. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar's counter-claim to the PM's demand - the Prime Minister's HIRA model for the development of Tripura - has been a super flop. The Prime Minister could not keep any of his promises made on the eve of the Assembly elections in 2018. PM is giving false information without doing anything.

Addressing a public meeting at Stable ground, the Prime Minister alleged that there was no outline or plan for development during the previous government. Earlier, the car of corruption did not stop here. The development car was braked. The left front government that was here before did not pay any attention to the development of Tripura. And they had no desire to accelerate development. Poverty and backwardness were associated with the fate of the people of Tripura. In response to the Prime Minister's demand, the Leader of the Opposition in the Tripura Legislative Assembly Shri Sarkar said that nothing new had happened in Tripura during the three-and-a-half years of BJP rule. The BJP government is not able to hold on to the good things that have been done before. The whole government led by Biplab Deb is full of corruption. Opportunities in employment, food security, government and jobs in private sectors are declining. And standing in the public meeting, the Prime Minister himself is giving false information. PM also said that the horse of development is running very fast in Tripura. And all together development will get double speed in the coming days.

The Prime Minister, in his speech at the Stable ground also said that I have literally fulfilled the promise I made 2018 to Tripura on the 'HIRA' model. And the people of the state are also getting its benefits now. Explaining the HIRA model, the Prime Minister said that H means highway. I mean internet. R means railway. And A means airways. The Prime Minister claimed that today Tripura is improving its connectivity by water, land roads, rail and air as per this HIRA model program for the development of Tripura. According to the Prime Minister, this is the benefit of a double engine government. In retaliation, the Leader of the Opposition Shri Sarkar claimed at a press conference on January 5 that the Prime Minister had lied about everything he said about railways, roads, airports and the Internet. All these projects for the development of the state started during the Left Front period. The new BJP government could not get even one km of new railway line. Not single new national highways. The works that started earlier are not over. In order to connect the railways with Bangladesh, only 15 km new line has to be laid. This has not happened in the last three and a half years. There is no progress in water communication through Bangladesh. The BJP government cut off the internet connection that the people of Tripura got through the seabed of Bangladesh. Internet users in Tripura are yet to reap the benefits of re-launching of the optical fibre cable network from Agartala to the Integrated Check Post at Akhaura in the Indo-Bangla international border to connect Cox Bazar's submarine bandwidth. 

The Prime Minister said at the public meeting at the stable ground that many new steps have been taken for the benefit of students in Tripura. The new national education policy is being implemented in the country in the 21st century. Equal emphasis is being placed on learning the local language. The students of Tripura are also going to get the help of quality education of Mission-100, 'Vidya Jyoti' project. In response to the PM's demand, the Leader of the Opposition said that the three-and-a-half-year rule of the BJP has brought down the education administration and education structure in Tripura. The BJP is taking education on the path of complete privatization. As a result, the children of the poorer sections will be in great distress in the near future. Criticizing the Vidya Jyoti project, Leader of the Opposition Shri Sarkar said it would increase inequality in education. Why shouldn't all school infrastructures be improved in some way? - he asked. Similarly, the decision to modernize Agartala airport- land acquisition, all the decisions of the Left Front government, the BJP has no credit for modernizing the Agartala airport without renaming Agartala MBB airport, he said. 

Standing on the stable ground, the Prime Minister claimed that the rural areas of Tripura have begun to change. In response to the Prime Minister's demand, the Leader of the Opposition said that the rural people in rural Tripura have been suffering a lot, specially the unemployed youths and peasant community and farm labourers were the worst victim of the BJP government anti formers policies. No one wants to open a new factory. Many old industries have closed down. No jobs in government departments.  During the three-and-a-half years of BJP rule, only one industry has developed in the state and that is vote theft, vote robbery, Manik Sarkar said.

The Prime Minister on January 4 also said, "I told countryman from the Red Fort that now we have to take the government projects to our own beneficiaries directly." I am happy that today Biplab Deb has taken a big step in this direction in Tripura. This resolution itself is a major achievement as Tripura completes 50 years of its independence. 1 lakh 80 thousand pucca houses are being provided for the poor and needy of Tripura. It is due to the sincere efforts of Biplab Deb that so many people of Tripura have got so many houses together. In the face of Biplab Deb's informative twinning court, the central government has had to change the rules of the housing scheme. And a large number of people have got the benefits of this scheme and due to that they have already received the first instalment of money for their pucca homes. In this regards, the leader of the Opposition have stated that, the same demand was made by the then left front government again and again. But the central government at that time did nothing. This was done after the BJP finally came to power in Tripura. In this situation, Biplab Deb has nothing to give credit in this regard, Manik Sarkar said. The former chief minister also alleged that the BJPs Mandal leaders were demanding money from those who got houses under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. They are also threatening not to pay the second instalment if they do not pay.

The Prime Minister said on January 4 that pineapple and bamboo products from Tripura are going abroad nowadays. The widespread use of bamboo can play an important role in reducing the use of plastic. Bamboo brooms, bamboo bottles, biscuits are being made here; there is a huge market for such products in India and abroad. Thousands of people are being employed in making bamboo products. In this connection, the Leader of the Opposition said that the bamboo based cottage industries of Tripura have been going abroad for a long time. The Leader of the Opposition has claimed that we have put Tripura's pineapple on the world market much before. But the BJP government for the first time by sending a truckload of pineapples in abroad claiming that they were the pioneer in this issue. It is an expression of the Prime Minister's ignorance about Tripura's raw-materials, history and heritage, Manik Sarkar said. The Leader of the Opposition Shri Sarkar also wants to know by questioning what new thing the BJP has done in Tripura in the last three and a half years?  

At the public meeting at the stable ground on January 4, the Prime Minister claimed that the double-engine government was doing very good job in Tripura’s development in all sectors. It is because of Biplab Deb's able and strong leadership that the horse of progress of Tripura is running at a fast pace today. In the coming days, the cycle of progress here will get more than double speed. Speaking on this issue, the former Chief Minister of Tripura and now the Leader of the Opposition said that the BJP government led by Biplab Deb has reached the peak of corruption in Tripura during its three-and-a-half year rule. The factional quarrel about power is also happening every day. None of the promises made before the 2018 assembly elections have been implemented. Government jobs now have to be bought by the people of the party with money. This allegation was made by the people of the party after the TSR (IR) forces release of the job offer only 7 days ago. By name, the people of BJPs Mandal members are saying who has given how much money to whom. In this situation, to cover up their misdeeds, the Leader of the Opposition claimed that the Prime Minister had spoken on the stable grounds on January 4 under the cover of lies. The Leader of the Opposition further said that in reality, it is the Delhi government that is mired in corruption. The BJP is tarnishing India's image at home and abroad. Manik Sarkar has said that the people of Tripura will never accept the way Narendra Modi, who is the highest ranking Prime Minister in the country, came to Tripura on January 4 and told lies. The Leader of the Opposition called a press conference in response to the Prime Minister's speech on January 5 and said all the above. He also said that, take action if someone is found guilty in our regime. We are not objecting, Manik Sarkar said. (Author is the Editor Tripurainfo.com)