Dr. Pradip Bhowmik

Liver is considered as "Seat of Soul" since time immemorial. Liver is the largest and most useful organ of body. There are many myths regarding liver and liver disease. The "Liver" is still ill understood among all and it has led to many wrong concepts regarding liver disease.

Liver disease was known to the people since era of Hippocrates, about 400 years before Christ. Gradually science of Liver disease developed to modern "HEPATOLOGY".

The discovery of Hepatitis B in the year 1965, has given viral Hepatitis a strong scientific basis. At present "Viral Hepatitis" caused by various Hepatitis viruses like Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E are one of the most important cause of liver disease. Out of all viruses Hepatitis B and C is responsible for  Chronic Liver Disease, the leading cause of long standing liver disease like cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Alcoholic Liver diseases are now considered as most important liver disease of modern era. Alcoholic Liver Disease is increasing in the country and Tripura by leaps and bounds and in fact it is gradually becoming commonest cause of Liver disease in India and needs mass awareness development against alcoholism. 

But a Chronic liver disease due to "Fatty Liver Disease", is gradually becoming a threat to the future generation and needs immediate intervention. Diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome are leading to chronic liver disease mostly.

All these Chronic Liver disease have leads to Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer. Liver disease related a complication mostly develops at the back drop of liver cirrhosis.

Across the globe the prevalence of liver disease is increasing & mortality due to liver related diseases are increasing steadily, which is a matter of concern.

In Tripura Hepatitis B is still an important cause of chronic liver disease. The       prevalence of Hepatitis B is around 3.6% in Tripura, but it is higher among tribal population. The Chakma tribe are having highest Hepatitis B disease and is more than 11%, which is a matter of concern.

Hepatitis C has become an important cause of viral Hepatitis is last 2 - 3 years and pattern of Hepatitis C transmission is changing very fast.

Earlier Hepatitis C was about 0.1% among voluntary blood donors. Blood transfusion and haemodialysis were the common mode of Hepatitis C transmission. Whereas recent study shows that about 20% Hepatitis C are transmitted through injecting drug abuse.

Earlier Hepatitis C was the disease of old age but liver clinic data of Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura shows that more than 30% of Hepatitis C patients are bellow 30 years of age and most of them are having habit of injecting drug abuses.

Hence injecting drug abuse is becoming a major issue of concern in Tripura and needs immediate intervention.

The availability of batter diagnostic facilities now making it possible to diagnose liver disease early, leading to reduction of complications. Awareness development among the health care providers is of paramount importance to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of liver disease.

The greatest development of Liver Disease in this Century is the development of better treatment modality to treat the complications of advance liver disease. Some liver disease can now be reversed with treatment including Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Liver transplantation has revolutionised the treatment of end stage liver disease and India is having many state of art hospitals to provide best result of liver transplantation. Gradually the treatment is becoming cost affective to the common people.

Simultaneous prevention and treatment has evolved, tremendously in India and dissemination of knowledge of liver disease is the prime objective of Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura, a social organization based at Tripura started working since 2002.

The Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura initially started working in the field of mass community level vaccination against Hepatitis B and the foundation is pioneer in this field in India. The foundation has vaccinated at hospitals, Primary Health Centre and Sub-centre with the help and support of Dept of Health Govt. of Tripura. It had various project like Hepatitis B Eradication Program, Hepatitis B Free Block and at birth Hepatitis B vaccination. The Health Care provider of Tripura helped the foundation extensively and 1300 strong voluntary members of Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura are still working day in and day out to make the people aware about Liver disease. It has already vaccinated 14 Lac population of Tripura which is about 37% of total population of Tripura.

Another main motto of the organization is to bring latest of Science of Hepatology to the doctor of Tripura, ultimately enriching the doctors and helping the people in getting best of care on liver disease.

The first National level liver disease scientific conference was organized by Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura in 2011 and was named as "LIVERCON". The first conference got over whelming response by the faculties across the country and doctor of Tripura.

The conference become popular among the Hepatologist of neighbouring country Bangladesh and a good number of delegates started participating in subsequent Livercon conference in 2013, 2015, & 2017.

This year on 1st and 2nd June 2019, Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura is now organizing a scientific conference on liver disease 'LIVERCON V'. Almost 25 internationally acclaimed Hepatologist are attending the conference to deliver lecture on various aspects of liver disease.

This year another 25 Hepatologist from various North East States are expected to participate in the conference.

The theme of this year "Livercon V" is "Critical Care in Liver Diseases" and various topics of severe liver disease will be discussed in this conference including their treatment and prognosis.

 "Liver Transplantation" is a great hope for no hope liver disease. Dr. Mohamed Rela, an internationally famous Liver surgeon of "Rela Institute, Chennai" will deliver lecture in this conference.

Govt. of India has initiated National Viral Hepatitis Control Program in 2018 and key person of this national project is Dr. Sandya Kabra. She and her team will discuss every aspects of viral hepatitis in this conference. The target of Govt. of India is to make India Hepatitis Free by 2030, but Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura is trying hard to vaccinate all people by 2020.

Dr. S K Sarin, the father figure of Hepatology in India will be present in the conference to discuss recent development in the treatment of liver disease.

Dr. Gour Das Choudhuri, Dr. Manav Wadhwan and Dr. Akash Sukla will discuss "Fatty Liver Disease" the menace of 21st century. Livercon V will highlight many new thought in liver disease including nutrition and diagnostic facilities available for liver disease in India.

The galaxy of Hepatologist who will participate in this conference includes Dr. Avijit Choudhury, Kolkata, Dr. Vimlesh Purohit, WHO Consultant, New Delhi, Dr. P N Rao, Hiderabad, Dr. M K Goenka, Kolkata, Dr. Mousam Dey, Kolkata, Dr. Ashish Kumar, New Delhi, Dr. B D Goswami and Dr. Amitava Goswami, Guwahati, Dr. Joy Vargesse, Chennai, Dr. S P Mishra, Allahabad, Dr. Anil Arora, New Delhi, Dr. Neelam Mohan, New Delhi, Dr. Kinsuk Das, Kolkata and Dr. Kaushal Madan, New Delhi and many others.

The presence of so many teachers of teachers will bring many new thoughts in the treat and prevention of liver disease in years to come. Livercon V is going to be a mile stone in the history of Liver disease management in India.

This great event will be participated by more than 300 doctors from various parts of Tripura.

To make this conference a benchmark event the members of foundation across the state are working hard.

The Organizing Committee of the conference is lead by Senior Physician of the state Dr. Ajit Ranjan Choudhury, Organizing Chairman and Organizing Secretary is a dynamic faculty of Tripura Medical College Prof. ( Dr.) Avik Chakraborty.

 The conference will be inaugurated by Shri Sudip Roy Barman, Health Minister of Tripura in presence of Dr. Sandhy Kabra, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India, New Delhi, Dr. J K Dev Varma, Director of Health Services, Tripura, and Prof. Chinmoy Biswas, Director of Medical Education, Tripura.

The foundation is looking towards this conference for planning many new futuristic projects in Tripura.

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