January 12, 2021, 12:28:47   

MD, DM (Cardiology)
Interventional Cardiologist
ILS Hospitals Agartala

It is hard to understand when any doctor says 34 years old suffered a heart attack (who works for 5 days a week) which comes to 3% of total population under 40 years of age, it later turns out to be strong family history of heart disease, in other words it is a genetic condition that makes blood clots Rapidley. Henceforth, It is essential to know the family history well so that we can avert 2nd heart attack of person and also test family members to avoid a heart attack in his family.

Dr. Hemant Kumar Garg, Interventional Cardiologist in ILS Hospitals, Agartala says "Indian men have higher risk of heart diseases 3-4 times higher than Americans, 6 times higher than Chinese & 20 times higher than Japanese. The proportion of under Heart Attack rose by 2 % every year in Indian population for last 10 years. Globally 1.7 crore peoples dies of cardio vascular disease accounting to 30 % of heart disease.

Risk factor for having heart attack at young age include substance abuse, smoking, excessive alcohol use, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, sedentary life style lack of exercise, diabetic & poor diet. Coronary artery disease in young is increasing in prevalence in India due to changing life styles. History of premature CAD is one of the strongest risk factor in young individuals. Investigations like exercise stress testing, coronary angiogram can help identify young individuals at higher risk of CAD. Risk factor prevention is essential to present CAD in young.

Dr. Garg says 90 % of heat attack can be avoided by controlling these risks:
Cholesterol : Keep bad Cholesterol (LDL) below 100.
Hypertension : Keep BP under control all the time.
Obesity : Keep BMI between 18-23.
Diabetes : Control sugar all time.
Smoking : Stop immediately.
Stress : Meditate to relieve stress.
Exercise : At least 30 min a day.
Alcohol : Avoid or less intake.
Consume vegetable plenty & avoid non-vegetarian diet.

Regular health checkups every three years above 30 years of age can pick up early warning risks of heart disease.

"Regular usually don't have heart disease in thirties, but they should be aware of risk factors & modifications of life styles, watching blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol levels in 30s can prevent heart attack when you're older".

Dr. Garg says, according to WHO by 2025, 40% of the world's heart disease patients will be from India Risk of coronary disease among Indian population sets is as early as 40 years.

Symptoms of heart attack may vary from person to person. Symptoms perception will not be same for everyone, so anyone on doubt of heart disease or heart attack needs to be evaluated immediately to prevent mortality & morbidity.

Early precaution, early detection is key in heart attack treatment.
The most common symptoms of heart attack are chest pain, chest heaviness, profuse sweating, breathlessness, feeling of abnormal heart beat, dizziness, fatigue. If anyone develops these symptoms need immediate ECG. Any abnormality in ECG should not be neglected need immediate consultation with cardiologist to prevent cardiac death due to heart attack. 

"Many peoples life saved in Agartala who presented early. The more delay the more difficult to save live - "says Dr. Garg. Angiography & Angioplasty is the gold standard treatment for heart attack worldwide.
Dr. Garg urges to people of Tripura to avail this life saving procedure only available in ILS Hospitals, Agartala.

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